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Ultra Violent

Ultra Violent, or UV, is a dwarf planet in the Ria Solar System. It is the largest and coldest dwarf planet in the Solar System, orbiting Nasara after Aiamaia, another dwarf planet.


There are four continents on UV.


Davas is the largest continent on the planet. Davas is comprised mostly of purple spikefields, a biome unique to this dwarf planet. The purple spikefields are made up of large natural purple spikes in the ground, anywhere from 1 metre to 20 metres tall.


Naria is the second largest continent on the dwarf planet, and is home to the largest population of onara, the only sapient species on UV. These onara inhabit Mirror City, the largest settlement on the planet. It was built using the mirror hills, which reflect light and to an outsider, appears invisible.


One continent of the two in the Icheqes supercontinent, Iuqes is the smallest. The continent is home to a number of biomes, including the purple spikefields, orange spikefields, mirror hills, and the boneyards. Iuqes is commonly known as the "scariest" continent, thanks to the many creatures that appear undead, and the horrifying biomes.


The other continent that makes up the Icheqes supercontinent. Leqes is located on the Equator, and is the warmest continent on average. It is home to the most life, with almost a thousand plant species and a few hundred mammal and bird species.

Fauna & Flora


UV cannot support much life, as it is so cold. The only sapient species on the planet is the onara, a species with incredible senses, that can hunt anyone down from over a mile away. They have scared off any spacecrafts that enter the atmosphere, by lunging rocks at them over hundreds of miles of air. Every single spacecraft that has crashed on the dwarf planet has been torn apart for scraps; these scraps then used as weapons by the onara to hunt down their prey and scare off any other spacecrafts.


The flora on this dwarf planet is incredibly limited. Only a few thousand species of plants have been identified, and many are limited to where they grow, as they are highly adapted and cannot survive elsewhere. Artificial conditions have been created on other planets for studying of these plants, but it has proved difficult thanks to the incredibly low temperatures required.
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