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Uriti is a planet in the Ria System. It is the closest planet to its only star, Nasara. The planet is famous for being incredibly difficult to live in, with an impressive amount of lava lakes, lavafalls, mountains and volcanoes.


There is incredibly little variation in biomes on Uriti. The temperature ranges from 1105℃ to 1285℃ at the poles, with a maximum recorded temperature of 1673℃ along the planet's Equator. These temperatures are caused by the atmosphere trapping all the heat that enters, leaving none to escape and causing the surface of the planet to never cool down.

The entire planet is coated with lava, a fairly liquid form of it. This lava is capable of running as rivers and falls, erupting constantly out of volcanoes and seeping out of large cracks in the ground that extend down to the mantle.


Just like the geography, there is little variation in fauna and flora on the planet. Little fauna live on Uriti, thanks to the high temperatures and climate. The animals that do live here are well adapted, and share similar features. Such features include the ability to absorb thermal energy and convert it into chemical energy, allowing them to function as animals. One of these animals include fire ferrets, commonly kept as pets by the people on the planet.

The flora are not particularly varied either. However, all of these plants are bright green, unusual for a planet of this variety. This is because the plants on this planet produce replenish their own chlorophyll, and so never lose their vibrant green colouration. Flora isn't too common on Uriti, but thanks to the abundance of water vapour in the air the plants can grow to extreme sizes.



These colossal beings live right at the North Pole, and has formed the largest kingdom on the planet, one of three. Uritians are the most technologically advanced race on Uriti, with space-faring technology that has allowed them to travel past the Ria System and on to other planets in other solar systems in their galaxy.


Calhans are the other race of creatures on Uriti. Calhans rule over the two other kingdoms on the planet, collectively known simply as the Calhan Kingdoms. These creatures are much smaller than Uritians, and have kept under their radar until recent years, after the discovery of calhal crystals which caused an incredible leap in their technological capabilities.

Interplanetary Relations


Uriti has very strong relations with Greenerth, thanks to the UG Treaty. This treaty bans any kind of war or conflict from breaking out between the two planets, and it also encourages trade. Typically, Uriti will trade calhal crystals, while Greenerth trades a limited selection of resources that can withstand temperatures.


Relations with Karkhala are strained, thanks to the mining that takes place on Hell. Despite Karkhala not actually owning full rights to Hell and its resources, the planet still feels like Uriti is stealing the materials from them.


Hard to have relations with a planet that has no native sapient species, but Uriti generally has good relations with Hell. As a Harvesting Planet, any other planet has the right to harvest the resources from it, so the residents of Uriti have settled in a corner of the Ichor Lands, quietly taking some resources.
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