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Frozen Volcanoes

The Frozen Volcanoes is a large mountain and volcano range located right at the North Pole of Ocearia, in the middle of the sea. The volcanoes is a popular underwater location with tourists, particularly from other planets. Marvenkens are a predatory species that sometimes hunts tourists - tour guiders are legally banned from informing tourists of this, unfortunately.


The Frozen Volcanoes is an expansive part of the Frozen Mountain Range, located at the North Pole. The Frozen Volcanoes are only a part of the entire mountain range, towards the south of it.


There are a total of 27 volcanoes in the Frozen Mountain Range. The volcanoes contain a blue lava, rather than the usual reddish-orange. The sulphur in the lava produces this blue colour, and is extremely uncommon to find.

On rare occasions, the blue lava produced will actually float to the surface and harden. These mini-islands are a nuisance for ships, as they are still very hot and can burn through the ship's exterior, causing it to sink. Coupled with icebergs, the Frozen Volcanoes is a difficult place to traverse.


Mountains are much more common than the volcanoes, especially considering the volcanoes are only found in a small portion of the mountain range.

The tallest underwater mountains are barely visible from the ocean's surface, their bright blue peaks poking through the darkness of the abyss.

Frozen Volcanoes


The Frozen Volcanoes has little important history. Never has it been the home of an intelligent life form, and it has only been mentioned a handful of times in various mythologies. Tourist ships to the volcanoes are fairly recent - the first dates back just thirty years ago. Since then, visitors to the planet are encouraged to explore the underwater mountain range and volcanoes, as the blue lava is rare in the Yonderverse.

Fauna & Flora


There is little life in the Frozen Volcanoes, as the temperature is very low and most animals on Ocearia are cold-blooded. Marvenkens and slow-whales are two of the most well-known species in the Frozen Volcanoes. Both are very slow-moving animals, in order to preserve vital energy.

Despite there being a lack of diverse life, the animals that live here are unique to these volcanoes. A lot of smaller animals rely on the sulphur in the water to live, and therefore cannot survive elsewhere.


There is little flora in the Frozen Volcanoes. A lot of plants are very durable, absorbing so many minerals their stalks become infused with them.

Several large plants, purple willows and snow trees, are extremely common at the top of the mountains. The tops of the mountains have better access to sunlight, helping the underwater trees grow faster and healthier.


The most common fungi species are iceshrooms and snowshrooms. These fungi have large ball-like caps. These caps are regrowable and are harvested and enjoyed by tourists. They can be hollowed out and turned into small snacks, with soft foods stuffed inside.

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