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Paranthas is a small island existing in the oceans of Ocearia. It is a common nesting ground for many bird species and their white chalk cliffs are unique among islands on the planet.


Paranthas is a small island, decorated with tall evergreen trees and layered in short grasses and podzol. The cliffs that surround the island are made from chalk, with headlands, arches and sea stacks littering the sea round Paranthas, as the weak rock is easily eroded. Deeper within the island is a much harder rock that is difficult to erode; in some places the waves have already revealed this rock, such as in the north. Several rivers have carved the island, all centered around the small mountain in the middle of the island and flowing down to form tall waterfalls into the ocean.

Localized Phenomena

The island receives a lot of rain, on average 1,530mm per year. This is by far the most rain any island receives on Ocearia, the second most being Karratoh Island, having 948mm per year. This rain funnels its way down the islands via several large rivers which have nestled themselves in the chalky ground, some of the water percolating and entering the water table.

Fauna & Flora

Paranthas has little wildlife, most commonly bird species that live in the trees and form nests from the needle like leaves of the tree. Some bird species include the whistle hawks and cattalas.


Approximately thirty years ago, a Ukarian man crash landed in the shores of Paranthas, in a spaceship he stole to escape Tak'are. Surviving, the man made his way onto the island and settled down. Using the resources scavenged from his spaceship, he survived for thirteen years on the island, exploring the landscape, and the surrounding seas, until his death at the hands of a wolfdog.
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