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Ocearia is a planet in the Solar System Ria. It is the fourth planet orbiting the Sun Nasara. The planet consists of 99% ocean, with just a few small islands inhabited with a few creatures. About a third of the planet is actually claimed by sapient species, with it being divided into kingdoms, reigned by a different race of creatures. There is currently 7 kingdoms, most of them not getting along with each other. The planet is famous for having some of the most dangerous creatures on it, including various leviathan species like the Pyre Leviathan.


Each of the seven kingdoms are divided based on the biomes. These biomes are:
Tropical reefs, thermal spires, kelp forests, deep ravines, blood rivers, and shallow sands.  
Tropical Reef
The tropical reefs are some of the largest in the Yonderverse, stretching over a hundred miles long in the biggest cases. These reefs grow a massive variety of plants and coral, ranging in size and colour. The reefs exist on shallower oceans, in some sandy but more rocky areas.  
Thermal Spires
The thermal spires is the hottest biome on Ocearia. Making appearances on other planets as well, thermal spires exist on destructive plate margins where small cracks have appeared, and the magma has flowed upwards. These thermal spires are incredibly beneficial, as the Uabar Region that has taken over the thermal spires biome use them for heating the kingdom.  
Kelp Forest
The kelp forests are very small, dotted about the entire planet. The largest kelp forest houses the Kirinian Region, and the kelp provides a great amount of food. The kelp forests exist about a hundred metres deep, on the edges of the shallow areas and close to the tropical reefs.  
Deep Ravine
The deep ravines are the deepest locations on Greenerth. The largest ravine is roughly 29,380 metres deep, almost as big as an average continental plate. The ravine has entrances to many cave systems under the ground, full of stalagmites and stalactites.  
Blood River
Blood rivers is one of the most terrifying locations on Ocearia. Located deep enough where barely any light shines, the seabed is etched with rivers of a thick, blood like liquid. Large white spikes of rock similar to teeth stick out from the rivers, which are barely visible in the dark.  
Shallow Sands
The shallow sands is the most shallow location on Ocearia. These areas surround most islands, such as Sunev Island. They are very flat, ranging from a few metres deep to 20 metres deep.


Ocearia has many interlocking ecosystems. These ecosystems will all break, even if one species is removed or replaced. Such examples include Wandering Crabs. These large crustaceans are the reason for such a diverse ecosystem, as the plants on their backs lay seeds where they go, and these crabs can bring new species into other ecosystems, which either ends well or ends badly.   In any environment on Ocearia you can find a plant species, or an animal species. The deepest location on the planet has seen over two hundred animal species, and over a thousand plant species.


Ocearia has been inhabited by its many races of creatures for millions of years. Over a million years ago, the first kingdoms were formed. The Kirinian Region appeared first, and as aquiloids evolved into different creatures they would branch off and create new kingdoms like the Seriban Region.   During that time other creatures would evolve into sapient species, and would form their own kingdoms. Disputes between kingdoms arose into wars that shook the planet, and would divide the world into factions that would be at war for thousands of years. With relations broken, it would take a lot of effort to calm things down and enter an era of peace. Unfortunately, to this day, that hasn't happened, but the wars have generally calmed down to angry disagreements.


Because of the planet's instability with its kingdoms, it doesn't attract much tourism. The planet has a few spaceports in several regions that invite people from other planets, but other than that tourists are not very welcome, especially in the Kirinian Region.   Outside of the regions, even less tourists visit. A harmonid research centre was built in a shallower area west of the Seriban Region to study the wildlife on the planet, which does often get a few stray spaceships landing thinking it is open for everyone.

Sapient Races


Subrateras are the most docile of people on Ocearia. Their relaxed nature has formed, friendly, relations with other kingdoms. They live in a shallow region, and have expanded north into deeper waters which gave them access to new resources.


Aquiloids are the largest of the people on Ocearia. They have harnessed water magic to a level unreachable by the other people on the planet. Controlling the Kirinian Region, these creatures are rather aggressive, and don't tolerate strangers in their kingdom. Some of them evolved into Subrateras many years ago and formed the Seriban Region.

  • -200000
    Formation of the Seriban Region

    The Aquiloids began to separate themselves from the rest of the world, protecting their land with a large wall stretching miles through the ocean.


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The blood river region sounds terrifying. D: I love the sound of the coral reefs and the thermal spires. Having snorkelled on the Great Barrier Reef I can just imagine how beautiful your reefs must be.   Interesting kingdom dynamics too. It's interesting how they are divided by biomes.

Sep 26, 2021 07:10 by Mochi

Thank you so much! I made the kingdoms divide by biome so they could establish trade routes, if they're not too busy going to war :P

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