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Tirensic Ocean

The Tirensic Ocean is one of the 5 oceans on Greenerth. 12 countries sit on/within the countries borders; Ascor, Mallodoran, Estros, Northern District, Nym, Western District, Central District, Vustrimia, Sarra, Kaltia, Zuizraca, and Orrios.


The Tirensic Ocean has an average depth of 4,500 metres, with a maximum depth of 6,750 metres as the Cresque Trench, off the coast of Nym. There is a lack of unique biomes in the Tirensic Ocean, for an unexplained reason.


Liar's Valley

Liar's Valley is the second deepest trench in the Tirensic Ocean, and the third deepest trench on the planet, behind the Cresque Trench and the Grand Abyss. Liar's Valley is named as such thanks to the Eustean fairytale; children that lie to their parents will be thrown into the valley and suffer a horrific death. Liar's Valley is home to an array of unique fauna and flora, including the death roots and squidface rays.

Shivering Plate

The Shivering Plate is one of the most unusual geographical features in the Tirensic Ocean, and the whole planet. Essentially, the Shivering Plate is a large slab of rock that is continually moving across the seabed in the ocean, in a giant circle. Nobody knows what is causing this slab of rock to move, and nobody knows how to stop it. The land that the plate circles is barren, as any life that lives there is scared off by the moving plate, and plants are crushed by it. The plate moves slowly, at approximately 0.3 metres a year.

Cresque Trench

Cresque Trench is the deepest trench in the entire Tirensic Ocean. It reaches a depth of 6,750 metres, where it unfolds into an immense cavern of white stalactites, stalagmites, and blood rivers, known as the Blood Cavern. The Cresque Trench has sparked many theories as to what lurks within the planet, as sightings of unearthly creatures emerging from the trench have been spotted, and many believe they came directly from the core of the planet.

Fauna & Flora


Many fauna species inhabit the Tirensic Ocean, thanks to a plentiful amount of plants and micro-organisms that kicks off the food webs. Some fauna species include the purholds, large winged fish that can jump up to 20 feet in the air, and soleons, predatory birds that prey on the purholds and other fish that swim on the surface of the ocean.


Like fauna, there are plenty of flora species in this ocean. A few species of plants dominate the cold waters, such as moonvines, plants that can grow in depths as little as 5 metres, to several kilometres and still reach the surface.
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