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South Ocean

South Ocean is one of 5 oceans on Greenerth, it is the most southerly ocean. It is the coldest and deepest of Greenerth's oceanic divisions. It reaches the Tropics and southern Sarra, and covers the South Pole. The South Ocean encompasses a fair share of seas, Surbaria Sea, Southland Sea, the Shattered Sea and the Pole Sea. Only 3 countries are within or in the ocean's borders, Sarra, Southland and Tropacia.


The ocean has a average depth of 3200 metres, and the deepest location of the ocean is just over 4000m, right at the South Pole. Environments are cold, however there are quite a few thermal spire banks found close to the South Pole. The Surbaria Sea also holds the biggest artificial reef on Greenerth, Surbaria Reef.

Ecosystem & Ecosystem Cycles

The cold climates brings a lot of open ocean fish species that live in large shoals, such as vertical flatfish, a common fish in the open ocean. It also brings in large whale and dolphin species, such as felorcas. Many aquatic and semi aquatic mammals live on the shores of Southland in winters and migrate south during the summers to colder islands. South Ocean also has the largest permanent population of cloud rays, an estimate of 4 million.

In the winters, many aquatic mammals like to rest on the coasts of Southland, and during summers head south to colder areas as Southland is too hot in summer. They stay during summers on small islands within the South circle. Bird species migrate north during winters to stay in warmer climates, the opposite of the aquatic mammals.

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