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Shimmering Ocean

The Shimmering makes up one of the 5 oceans on Greenerth. It is the shallowest ocean of the bunch, averaging out at a couple hundred metres. The ocean has the largest amounts of tropical waters, located in the centre of the ocean.


The Shimmering Ocean gets its name from the abundance of coral and coral reefs all over the centre of the seas. The seabeds are high, and the waters don't exceed a hundred metres deep in these locations. That also means that some of the coral qualifies as deep-sea coral. The seabed in the tropical waters is coated in a very fine sand, produced by coralivores.   Towards the north and the south of the Shimmering Ocean, the waters get much deeper. The deepest location in the ocean houses a variety of rock pillars, arches, mounds, which is a good habitat for a number of species. A few thermal spires exist too, which helps warm the waters for cold blooded species.

Fauna & Flora

The Shimmering Ocean has arguably the most diverse plant and animal life of all oceans on the planet. With such a variety in depths, lots of coral species grow throughout the area in the shallow and in the deep seas.  


Many coral species, including pigtail coral, pincher coral, and blackout coral, exist in the Shimmering Ocean. A total of 530 recorded species have been spotted in the reef, new ones being discovered all the time. Some research facilities even ask people to record all the coral they find, and bring them to specialists to see if new species have been found.


Unsurprisingly, the Shimmering Ocean also boasts a high fish population. The coral reefs brings over 2000 fish species, as well as 200 species in the deeper parts of the ocean. Some fish species include heartscale fish, banana greyfins, and busline fish.

Natural Resources

Coral is some of the most popular resources on the planet. People love to turn small pieces of them into jewelry, take already dead ones into ornaments for their houses, and some even strive to make their own coral reef in the beaches that they live on.
The Shimmering Ocean provides the biggest naturally occuring coral reefs, which is very popular for tourism.


The coral reefs in the Shimmering Ocean are a popular tourist site for divers and regular swimmers. The shallow waters are more reassuring of the people who decide to come here, as there is much less risk of being eaten by a felorca.   The impressive coastlines from eastern Aekor and from the many islands has been harnessed by holiday resorts, who have set up holiday homes for people to come and spend time basking in the Sun and playing in the warm waters.


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Oct 26, 2021 07:06 by Michael Chandra

Making your own coral reef for a private or communal beach sounds AWESOME!

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
Oct 26, 2021 07:10 by Mochi

Haha I'm glad you like it! I actually have some people in my world who have created a massive artificial reef! :D

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