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Frost Lands

The Frost Lands is the one of the smallest continents on Greenerth. Only 4 countries call this continent home, Kaltia, Drufenis, Zuizraca and Orrios.


The three most significant biomes in the Frost Lands are mountains, boreal forests and frozen plains, or tundras. To the north are two mountain ranges, the Frost Mountain Range and the Miorin Mountain Range. A large strip of frozen plains goes from the southwest coast to the northeast coast, and mirroring the mountain ranges is an expansive boreal forest. 3 main rivers have gathered inland, which is where the countries are clearly divided.

Fauna & Flora

The Frost Lands have a high biodiversity, from small silver peeps to Glacial wolves. The incredibly biodiversity for such a small and cold continent has raised the continent's profile, despite its reputation for wars.


For thousands of years before the arrival of the Harmonids, other sapient species existed in the Frost Lands. The Rock Golems and Cave Rocklins of the Frost Mountain Range, the Wintry Centaurs of the boreal forests, all called this island continent home. When harmonids arrived, they quickly established a few settlements, in the northeast and the southwest, later respectively being named Tennasar and Horruin.   The first planned country was Zuizraca, and its borders were based on the locations of the rivers that divided the continent. Quickly after, the other two countries were formed, and the isles of Orrios were left alone to form their country.   In 1540, The Kaltia-Drufenis war kicked off, due to Drufenis attempting to expand their reign. All of their settlements were overflowing with people, and due to an unexplained urbanisation and arrival of immigrants, the country couldn't cope. So, they decided to attack Kaltia, and take over the entire country, since most of their land wasn't really being used. Unexpectedly, Drufenis lost the war, and was faced with a large debt, which they were still recovering from until the 1800s. This damaged the relations between the two countries.   In 1599, a war was waged by Orrios against Zuizraca, after the assassination of the ruler of Orrios by a Zuizracan general. This severely weakened the relations between the countries, and the continent as a whole, because Kaltia and Drufenis were forced to pick sides. Due to the Kaltia-Drufenis war not long before, the continent was split into two, Kaltorrios and Drufenizraca.


The biodiversity in this continent attracts many tourists, biologists and other researchers. There are many research stations which exist in dangerous locations, and are more than happy to take in a few researchers for a period of time.


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