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Stashcoins are small, curious critters found across the Yonderverse. They are a very common sight in most planets, especially Greenerth where their abilities are often used.

Basic Information


Stashcoins come in hundreds, maybe thousands, of variants, similar to Spirit Orbs. Despite this, all stashcoins have a flat, round body, similar to a skittle. They have four stubby feet that they use to walk on. These have 2 small toes each. Their mouth makes up half of the entire body, and you'll find a row of rounded teeth on each jaw.

Genetics and Reproduction

Stashcoins have arguably the weirdest birth of any animal. Since stashcoins are all the same gender, every individual gives birth. They reproduce asexually, the child growing inside their pocket dimension, and after 6 months the stashcoin throws up the baby, who is almost fully developed at that point.

Ecology and Habitats

With their incredibly evolutionary abilities, stashcoins are suited to unlimited environments and habitats. They have been seen in literally every single location on Greenerth, from the dusty highways of Epilhin and Jansara, the dense rainforests of Atheau and Mirikith, to the polar environments of Blouburg, and that's just Greenerth. Their evolution abilities means they can tolerate the harshest of environments.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Stashcoins are fortunately unable to, and unwilling to eat. Their supernatural abilites aren't limited to evolution and pocket dimensions, they are also one of few creatures that never need to eat or drink to sustain themselves. This comes in handy, since stashcoins are kept as pets by most of Greenerth and other planets, making them easier to look after than other creatures.

Additional Information


Stashcoins are one of many highly-evolutionary species. This means that they can evolve into new "types" of the same species, with completely different looks, genetic makeup, but are still the same species.
Harmonids have attempted to control this evolution, but struggled in the beginning. They found that stashcoins often attempt to replicate other species, such as chipmunks from Earth, smoothshell crabs from Greenerth, crested sunfish from Ocearia, daggerclaws from Dracosei and camelcoats from Talerin.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

What sets apart stashcoins from other creatures in the yonderverse is the pocket dimension inside them. On Greenerth, this dimension is used as a personal bank for everyone. If someone went shopping, they would take their pet stashcoin with them. They can ask for some money and the stashcoin will throw up the exact amount.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Stashcoins are one of few species in the Yonderverse gifted with instant evolution (another famous example are spirit orbs). In a matter of seconds, they can transform themselves, with a completely different appearance. This is used to help themselves survive in the presence of predators, as they can mimic themselves to look like the predator themselves. They could also make themselves look like surroundings, their favourite being rocks as they mimic it almost perfectly.


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