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Daggerclaws are small dragons found on various islands in Dracosei.

Basic Information


Daggerclaws are small dragons with a distinct yellow and brown colouring. They stand on 2 legs, with 2 claws on each foot. Its one pair of wings have a large claw on it used for climbing. There is a row of orange spikes along its neck and back, and one single orange barb on its tail. Its head has a long jaw, its eyes sitting on the end of its snout. There are two egg teeth on the front of its snout used to break into eggs and eat the insides.

Genetics and Reproduction

Daggerclaws lay eggs between July and August in large colonies. They nest in holes in the ground they dig out. The eggs are bright yellow with a brown pattern streaking down. Two small stubs stick out the top and bottom.   Baby daggerclaws are about 3 inches long. They must fend for themselves as soon as they are born, and learn to fly and hunt.

Ecology and Habitats

The best environment is in a forest for this dragon. They dart around the branches with other members of their pack and play around all day long.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Daggerclaws are carnivorous, eating meat and eggs. They will chase around their prey, small mice, rabbits, other small mammals and birds. They steal bird and dragon eggs from their nests, they carry it back to the dragon's nest and crack it open, eating the insides and discarding the shell.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

As most dragons do, the daggerclaw's hearing is impeccable. It can hear things up to 10 kilometres away, as small as a rabbit. Their eyesight is also very good, they can spot movements up to 5 miles away.


Daggerclaw fire is bright yellow, made of liquid iron. It is so hot it can melt a person. The daggerclaw cannot produce much of the fire, and rarely uses it. They prefer to rip apart someone with their strong jaws.
14 years
Average Height
3 - 3.2 feet
Average Length
2.6 - 3m
Geographic Distribution

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