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The Tropics is a small continent, with only 2 countries, Southland and Tropacia. In terms of countries, it is the smallest continent, but by size it is the third biggest, behind the Region of Sarra and Aekor. The continent has a population of 3,049,000, the majority of it in Tropacia.


There are 3 major biomes in the Tropics, grasslands, savannas and tropical rainforests. The entirety of Southland is a savanna biome, but in Tropacia the south and west is a tropical rainforest, the northeast is a savanna, with a small grassland (Yrd Plains)dividing the two.

Fauna & Flora

The Tropics is home to a huge variety of species, because of the contrast in biomes. There are thousands of invertebrate species in the rainforests, such as gigamoths and sabertooth spiders. There are also a lot of bird species, like leaftops.   The savannas are home to a lot of herbivorous mammals, such as hammerhead rhinos and grausenfleisch.


Around 1.8 million years ago, harmonids started appearing in the Tropics, thanks to the invention of boats. Harmonids appeared in Southland first, and would eventually travel to Tropacia. This disturbed the local population of Savanna centaurs, who attempted to fight back against the increasing population of savanna centaurs, who attempted to fight back against the rising population of harmonids. A war then broke out between the harmonids and centaurs, and the harmonids won, leading to the centaurs fleeing from their homes, and their eventual extinction.   The first harmonid settlements created were what is now known as Santaurio on Tropacia and Tahonda, the now capital of Southland.
Santaurio was built above a massive cave system, which was then used to mine various resources, including but not limited to coal. This allowed Santaurio to trade with other settlements worldwide, and earn themselves a good reputation as well as a decent amount of money and other items they needed.
The Tropics


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