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Half Ocean

Half Ocean is the second largest out of the 5 oceans on Greenerth. 16 countries are within the Ocean's borders; Sarra, The Central District, Hathra, Norria, Chirus, Tropacia, Hanoan, Nydiowa, Giriga, Lanrahur, Marilan, Epilhin, Jansara, Varinitos, Aendatha, and Mirikith.


Half Ocean has a dangerous environment, with an abundance of thermal spires and a lot of underwater volcanoes. In the centre of Half Ocean is Volcania, a settlement of Volcanic Eusteans that have built their homes on the foot of underwater volcanic chains.   The eastern regions of Half Ocean are populated with kelp forests, with more sporadic valleys and hills, which makes the areas more difficult to traverse in submarines as the kelp makes it difficult to see far.   A few coral reefs are found on the coastlines of the Region of Sarra and Aekor, Bridge Reef extending from northeastern Sarra to southwestern Norria.

Fauna & Flora

Half Ocean has a diverse population of creatures, from small sea slugs to felorcas.  


Lots of fish species live here, ones in the east are more of a greenish colour to help camouflage with the kelp and the plants. Species in the west are more vibrant, as they help identify others of their own species in the coral reefs.   Some larger fish species live in the open oceans, like the busline fish who carry other fish in their "pockets" and take them across the oceans.


Many large serpent species live in Half Ocean, especially in and around Volcania. Fire serpents are large reptile species that nest inside thermal spires, laying eggs there and preying on creatures that get close.


Half Ocean doesn't attract many tourists, except for people scuba diving on the coasts of Sarra and Aekorian countries, in the tropical reefs. Volcania's harsh climates intrigues researchers and biologists, and sometimes the residents finds themselves surrounded with groups of them to interview about their lives and struggles.


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