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Region of Sarra

The Region Of Sarra is one of the largest continents on Greenerth. It is home to 12 countries: Sarra, The Western District, the Northern District, the Central District, Gowhouana, Vustrimia, Norria, Mallodoran, Nym, Chirus, Estros and Hathra. The country has the largest population of harmonids, at 2.3 billion, over half of this is just in the Western District.


The Region of Sarra is comprised of many different biomes, the most notable being deserts and savannas. In Sarra, Gowhouana and the Central District is the Sarra Desert, the largest desert on Greenerth, taking up a significant amount of space on the island continent. Towards the south of Sarra is a stretch of savanna, and then the South Sarra Desert, and below that is Cau'Le Forest, a tropical rainforest stretching across the entire continent, and surrounding the largest lake on Greenerth, Lake Gowhouana. Below Cau'Le Forest is a temperate forest biome, and along the southwest coast is a small mountain range. Within Vustrimia, Estros, the Central District, southeast Western District, the Northern District and Mallodoran is a large open plains biome, and to the northwest of the continent is a second tropical rainforest. In the northeast is a third rainforest, and next to that is a temperate forest biome in Norria and Chirus.

Fauna & Flora

Home to 3 separate rainforests each with completely different creatures, there's no doubt this continent has its fair share of animal and plant species. The variety in biomes also means more and more creatures exist here, allowing for more biodiversity. In Cau'Le forest they are famous for their abundance of moth species, a few being Gigamoths and Sallow Moths.


The Region of Sarra was the birthplace of harmonids, to be precise in Vustrimia. Harmonids spent millions of years cultivating the landscapes, growing crops, building civilisations, religions, and the Region of Sarra has always been heavily involved with harmonids evolution.   Sarran mythology is also very detailed and complex, people pray to various Gods of all different levels of power, such as Neoyar, God of Suns and Aavar, God of Gods. Florism was founded in Mallodoran to the north of the Region of Sarra. Sarran mythology holds many mythical creatures, such as Quake, a giant bird who fought with another from Aekorian mythology, and restarted time itself.


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