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Aekor is the largest continent on Greenerth, with a total of 7 different countries, Aendatha, Mirikith, Atheau, Jansara, Epilhin, Varinitos and Marilan.


There are 7 major biomes in Aekor; savannas, grasslands, temperate, boreal and tropical rainforests, mountains and swamplands. To the north is almost entirely temperate forests, with a big mountain range in the northeast. To the southeast, there is a tropical rainforest, called Sanra Forest. The furthest south is a boreal forest, extending into Atheau Island, and above the boreal forest is a swampland called Sarabar Swamp. Above that is a strip of temperate forests, and above that is another swampland. In the west is a savanna surrounded by a thin line of grasslands.


Aekor is home to an amazing variety of creatures and plants, most fascinatingly fungi species. The continent is unique with its fungi and mushrooms, as most of the temperate forests are packed with giant mushrooms, abandoned and non-abandoned buildings both have been infested with fungi, and the cave systems are packed with the things. Aekor is sometimes referred to as the mushroom continent, because of its abundance of fungi species and the mushroom forests.

Localized Phenomena

Aekor is the only location on Greenerth where glaze storms can be found. In the Sanra Forest, these storms appear rarely. The rain is made of a liquid diamond which is sometimes collected in large containers, solidified, and sold as jewelry and accessories.

Fauna & Flora

Sapient Races

Many races of creatures exist in Aekor, most famously that aren't the harmonids are the potato goblins within Sher Forest. Most of the races in Aekor are considerably smaller than other continents, usually consisting of fairy, goblin, gremlin, dwarf and elf subspecies along with a few bigger species like harmonids. Even then, the harmonid subgroups that live in Aekor are smaller than their fellow races.


Harmonids are the most widespread of races in Aekor. Having split the island continent into several countries, they rule most of them. The only ones they don't rule are Varinitos and Epilhin, which are owned by skorpeople. Their most populated country is Aendatha, with a population of 498 million.


The Mushára are a small fairy subspecies that call the Sher Forest home. They live neighbouring the potato goblins in separate villages, but have many trade routes and trade resources from one another. Surviving on a spore based diet, Mushára have large fields of the giant mushrooms which is their most significant attribute. They also have many festivals which celebrate harvest, especially Spore Harvest.


The Aar-Aori are a highly evolved reptilian race that live deep within Sarabar Swamp. Their cities are hidden with illusion magic, having hidden themselves specifically from harmonids as they view them to be insignificant and unworthy of ruling an entire planet. The Aar-Aori as a whole were gifted abilities in illusion magic from Erujiya, God of Mischief who saw their views on harmonids and completely agreed, so the reptiles could hide themselves from harmonids.

Potato Goblins

Potato goblins are one of the few goblin species to live in the mushroom forests. Because of their small size they are preyed on by a lot of creatures within Sher Forest that don't pose a threat to harmonids, and so they used the scales from plated potatoes, a source of food, to create armour to protect themselves. They then got their name from these potatoes when they were discovered by harmonids.


Rocklins are an aggressive race that live in various locations round the world based on their subgroup. Crystal rocklins live on Rocklin Island off the west coast of Aendatha. They have been known to kill anyone who dares venture close to the island; currently only one person has ever made it to the island, Sfm-a who works for the People's Association. They rely on the crystals that grow within the island's cave networks, using minerals as their diet, crystals as their currency, and the mountain island itself to dig out homes.


Skorpeople are a large group of beings that are tough enough to survive the savannas of western Aekor. They currently rule two countries, Varinitos and Epilhin, and are attempting to conquer both Marilan and Jansara, which means their relationships with harmonids are not on the best of terms. These skorpeople have constructed some of the most beautiful cities in the Yonderverse, building out of an alien resource that they've obtained through a treaty with the archangels of the UAR. Making such a treaty was risky, so the skorpeople had to make sure they had the resources to take down the archangels if they ever turned.


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