Dark Depths

The dark depths is the deepest location in the Polaris ocean, the biggest ocean on Ocearia. It is not located within a region, and is instead home to some of the biggest and most dangerous creatures on the planet, one being the Pyre Leviathan. These creatures make the ocean and this specific location uninhabitable.


The dark depths reach down to a maximum of 15000m in a trench which forms a ring around the only island here, aptly named Trench Island. The ocean is on average 6600m deep, ranging anywhere from 2000m deep closer to the coast to almost 1000m, nearer Trench Island. The seabed is covered in sand, with few plant life to be found. In the north of Polaris Ocean is the biggest kelp forest in Ocearia, home to the Uabar Region.


It is believed that the trench surrounding trench island is a nesting ground for pyre leviathans, massive heat signatures have been detected close to it, during a few months period every year. It would make sense since during Uribar and Lonribar every year, strange noises can be heard from the oceans.

Fauna & Flora

The ocean is home to many open ocean fish species, which form shoals and swim around eating plankton. There is also a large amount of leviathans, such as Pyre Leviathan that live very deep.  


Leviathans are more common in lower depths, and they are accustomed to the darkness. Some species include pyre leviathans and blob leviathans, both species exceeding 70 metres long. A famously large pyre leviathan is known to guard the Iridin Crystal on the seabed in a trench within the Dark Depths. This particular leviathan is believed to reach almost 500 metres from the tip of its snout to the tip of its tail.  


Many fish swim in the open waters, which is dangerous given the amount of leviathans in the seas. Most of these fish have light reflecting scales, which means to predators they are practically invisible. Some of these fish species include kelp oceanfish and armyfish.
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