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Maze Forest

Anywhere you travel on land on Maloruno, you'll most likely be wandering inside of a maze forest. These forests contain just one tree species, the maze pine, that only grow either north, south, east, or west from each other. As more trees grow, this forms an ever-expanding maze that now coats the entire planet, aside from the frigid North and the three oceans.

Northern Hemisphere

The Northern Hemisphere, occupied by the intelligent and bloodthirsty white tigers, is home to the red maze forests. These forests contain trees ranging from deep reds to moss greens, however lacking any yellows. The Northern Hemisphere's maze forests are much thicker, thanks to tunnel-badgers that replant seeds few metres or so, as they create winding paths through the labyrinths.

Southern Hemisphere

The Southern Hemisphere, occupied by the runos, the only sapient life forms on the planet, is home to the green maze forests. These forests contain a range of green trees, from moss greens to almost turquoise.

Fauna & Flora

The maze forests are known for their tightly-knit ecosystems. Aside from white tigers and runos, that do not inhabit the same territories and actively avoid each other, most animals live worldwide. Rune deer are a common mammal species, the largest on the planet. Their psychic abilities, including but not limited to telekinesis and telepathy, aid them in the simpler things in life, such as eating. They are preyed on many animals, such as white tigers and runos, as well as maze hawks, the largest bird of prey, and bird in general.

There aren't many plant species in the maze forests, but those that exist are very common. Maze pines are one such tree, the only tree to grow in the maze forests. Ereberries are an epiphyte that grow on the maze pines, and they cause uncontrollable rage in any animal that eats them. Rune deers sometimes eat ereberries, and they end up terrorising runo populations.

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