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Accan Sea

The Accan Sea is the northernmost sea on Maloruno. Because of its location, it is the coldest sea on the planet, reaching surface temperatures of -5℃ in summers; more than enough to freeze a poor runo.

Geography, Location & Climate

Not only is the Accan Sea the most northern sea, it is also the most landlocked, coldest, and deepest on the planet. This sea reaches depths of 1,406 metres, making it over two-hundred metres deeper than the second deepest sea on Maloruno. The area surrounding the Accan Sea is known as the Accan Region, characterised by black ice, or "accan" in native Rhocorkn, spoken in this region.

Towards the south-east of the Accan Sea is the Accanal, a shortened name of the Accan Canal, that connects the Accan Sea to the Sorisz Sea.


Fauna & Flora

The Accan Sea supports a large, dynamic ecosystem dominated by benthic invertebrates. Over fifteen thousand crustacean species have been discovered on the seabed alone, making up 15% of the fauna species recorded in the Accan Sea. The benthic zone is not the only lively zone, however, as all levels of the sea are full of life.

Around the surface of the sea are countless cetaceans, pinnipeds and marine birds, that all prey on each other in a vicious triangular food web.

The flora are just as abundant as the fauna in the Accan Sea, with over seventy thousand recorded marine flora. The majority of the flora grow on large salt-infused rock pillars that have formed on the seabed, some of which reach hundreds of metres wide and tall.

Notable Resources

The Accan Sea is rich in valuable minerals, unobtainable without great risk due to the temperatures. As a result of their greed, runos have developed technologies and vehicles that allow them to reach the depths of this freezing-cold sea and extract valuable metals such as zinc and copper.

The minerals found in this sea are not used in infrastructure, economy, or anything on Maloruno, but instead sold on markets within space as the resources found in the Accan Sea are scarce in most places around the Yonderverse.

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