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Maloruno is a planet in the Ria Solar System. It is the second farthest planet from the Sun, Nasara. Maloruno is the only planet in the Ria System who hasn't accessed space-faring technology, nor has had any spaceship land on the planet.


Maloruno has little variation in the geography and climate. Most of the planet is covered in forests, mountains and valleys, with an overall temperature of between -10℃ and 2℃.

The planet's largest mountain range, the Equator Range, sits along the Equator and stretches around half of the planet. It is also known as the Belt Mountains.

The planet is home to three oceans, the Siil, Imat, and the Southern Equatorial Ocean. These oceans are home to an array of life, especially the Southern Equatorial Ocean which is at a higher temperature, and supports more life.


Fauna & Flora


A wide variety of fauna live on Maloruno, including white tigers, apex predators. These animals hunt down any other animal in their territories, and their territories expand the entirety of the northern hemisphere. Their favourite prey is the rune deer, a large ruminant with psychic abilities. Rune deer have developed abilities to sense white tigers, but in most cases white tigers are too stealthy to be noticed.


There are few species of flora on the planet, but those that do exist are extremely common. The dominating tree species on the planet is the maze pine, named after their maze-like forests that coat half of the planet.

Runos consume a diet of 90% flora, typically roasting maze pine leaves and eating them alongside berries and fruits.


Runos are the only sapient species on the planet, living across the southern hemisphere. They have existed for thirty thousand years, and are a very recent species. Runos have not yet achieved space travel, but are relatively close to it. The species have conquered the entirety of the southern hemisphere, avoiding the northern thanks to the presence of white tigers.

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