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Procreational Marriage

There are two commonly identified types of marriage in Runo Culture; procreational and recreational marriages. They both involve pledging some form of loyalty to another partner, but the marriages themselves work entirely differently.


Procreational marriage is a legal binding of two runos of opposite sexes. These two runos are put together based on their physical and mental characteristics, after detailed evaluations are made to determine the likelihood of their offspring thriving. These two runos are not considered family, and are solely bound together for the purpose of continuing the species and maximising its success.

It is important to note one can be procreationally and recreationally married. Having an affair in a procreational marriage isn't breaking any moral codes, but it does make people question "why", when the perfect partner is right there. Having an affair in a recreational marriage is obscene, with severe consequences. Recreational marriage has no gender bounds, while procreational marriage is between runos of opposite sexes, purely for the purpose of having children.


Survival is the most important thing to a runo, especially one living in the Maze Forest. Runos are incredibly skilled with a whole range of magic types, including vitamancy. One particular spell allows a runo to determine the survival rate of a baby runo based on its parents. You will never get an exact number, instead a decent guess. For a certain price, some vitamancers will find you the perfect partner that will give you the best offspring.


When the spell was discovered, many runos insisted on finding themselves the perfect partner to have a child with, so the runo species will have the best chance of survival and reproduction. After this spell was discovered the next generation of runos was nicknamed the Runos of Power. Their lifespan was on average 20 years longer than their parents and increased mental and physical capabilities.

The Runos of Power had three times as many children as their parents and generations before, the species climbing the food web and settling at the very top as an apex predator. Procreational marriage became the norm and a ceremony to bind the two runos together became popular. The ceremony was simple and followed a similar structure to the recreational marriage, minus the fruit-pelting.

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