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Nasara is the only star present in the Ria Solar System. While stars typically have names beginning with an A, Nasara is an exception since its name predates most others. The 14 billion year old star is one of the oldest still alive in the Yonderverse, and is estimated to remain in its state for another 3 billion years.


Nasara's history has been closely studied for billions of years. Nasara formed as any star does, when gases and miniscule debris floating in space clumps together to form a nebula. Nasara remained in this state for approximately 3 billion years, before it began to form a protostar.

As souls got caught in the nebula, and more started coming, the nebula collapsed in on itself to form a protostar. The large amount of souls in Nasara's protostar form stabilised it, and after just a few hundred thousand years, 300,000 to be precise, Nasara continued along the Star Life Cycle to form a main sequence star.

More and more gases and debris got caught in Nasara in its protostar state, which meant that eventually there were not enough souls to keep it stable. At a certain point, the gravity of the souls could not contain all of the debris, so Nasara's temperature exponentially increased along with its size to form a main sequence star.

Today, Nasara still remains a main sequence star, and rather an old one at that. It is estimated Nasara has about 3 billion years until it progresses further along the Star Life Cycle, into a Giant.

Ria Solar System

Nasara is the only star in the Ria Solar System. It is orbited by seven planets, four dwarf planets, fifteen labyrinth seas and a large A-Planet Belt.


Unsurprisingly there is little life on Nasara, as the temperatures are much too high to support significant amounts of life. Despite the odds, there are a handful of species on, and in, the star.

An invasive arthropod species inhabits Nasara; the gold gobblers are a tiny species that digest molten metal. Rivers of gold and silver run through Nasara, and gold gobblers drink it all up. These animals actually hail from Sabala, a dimension made of light, and when the Sabala Rift opened up Nasara was the first thing these aliens found that suited their high-temperature needs.

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Holy Light, Oldest Sun
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