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Hammered Plateau

The Hammered Plateau is a large expanse of cliffs and valleys located west of the Dry Reef. It is known for its abundance of large predators and large herbivores. The place is well known for being incredibly difficult to live in, and has a very small amount of plant life.


The entire terrain consists of hardened clay, brownstone, and other assortments of rocks, that vary in density and solubility. The differentiation in rock causes large amounts of caves, cracks, jutting out rocks and arches, among others. The cliff faces are very tall, reaching upwards of 4000 metres from sea level, and about 1000 metres below it.   Several large rivers flow through this area, along the cliffs, which form many waterfalls. These rivers all flow directly into the sea. Some rivers also flow into large lakes, which form inside the valleys.


The area consists of only megafauna and minifauna. The megafauna are almost always carnivorous, and either prey on other megafauna or the minifauna.

Fauna & Flora

The plateau region is famous for its abundance of dangerous predators, such as hunting queens and clawed vipers. These hunt all the small mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates as well as trying to take down some of the larger creatures, such as mammoth whales.

Natural Resources

The hammered plateaus contain amazing amounts of ores, such as tarsarium, metallium, and tennite. These materials are used as strong infrastructure for buildings in many settlements around the Yonderverse, but the ores in this particular area are not harvested, they've been merely detected by researchers from Greenerth.
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