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Taware Mound

Taware mound is a large sandstone formation in the Hammered Plateau of Talerin. It is a significant place of worship for the nomadic group of Ukari People known as The Wanderers.  


Taware mound is located in the north of the Hammered Plateau, a vast, barren area of incomprehensible terrain. Taware mound sticks out like a sore thumb, because while the terrain on the mound is smooth, the rest of the biome is very jagged, harsh, and steep.  

The Wanderers

The Wanderers are a large group of religious, nomadic Ukari People that left the Outer Sector of Tak'are for a better life. They spend their lives circling Taware mound, living in a variety of spaces, caves, trees, or even out in the open if they're brave enough. The Wanderers always live somewhere where they have a direct view of the hill, because they believe if they can always see the hill then they will never be put in danger.   The whole idea of the hill being a beacon for safety sprung up when they left Tak'Are and were constantly in danger from other creatures, such as clawed vipers, acid bellows, and hunting queens, but as soon as they found taware mound the attacks seemed to stop and they found themselves in some sort of surreal safety.


The mound is worshipped by The Wanderers in a number of ways. The first way, and possibly the most dangerous, is by swallowing soil from the top of the mound. The Wanderers believe if they consume the soil, they will be gifted with eternal safetiness, and they can life a free life without being in a constant danger.   The second, and the least dangerous, is by singing to the mound. The Wanderers believe that if they sing to the mound, they will cheer the mound up, and the mound will become their friend and will keep them safe. There's no denying that The Wanderers may have lost touch with reality after leaving Tak'Are, but their inability to die proves that there may be something to their worshipping techniques.
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