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Wanderer's Domain

The Wanderers are a group of Ukari People people who fleed Tak'are in search of a better home. They found one, without the discrimation they sought to abandon, but instead found a much more dangerous home.


As soon as The Wanderers escaped from Tak'are, they fled to the north where they traveled through the dangerous Dry Reef. It's not like there are many safe places in Talerin, but the Dry Reef is especially lethal with acid bellows on the constant prowl.

After several months of tedious wandering through dangerous areas, The Wanderers discovered Taware Mound. The Wanderers dealt with numerous attacks from creatures as they were exploring, hunting queens, clawed vipers, and acid bellows, and as soon as they found Taware Mound all of these attacks ceased.

To protect themselves, The Wanderers remained at the mound and circled the mound as a form of worship, thanking it for keeping them safe. After a few years of living in trees, caves, and other small crevices, The Wanderers set up some houses to live in each time they passed it; today there are thousands of buildings scattered in a ring around the mound, visited every so often.


The Wanderer's Domain is located all around Taware Mound. The settlement, or more "domain", runs around the entire 13 mile wide mound. The Wanderers are a semi-nomadic species, constantly moving around the mound to make sure they stay safe. Small buildings have been made around the entire mound, but there are larger locations north, east, south, and west of the mound where everyone stays for a few months at a time.
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