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Tak'are is the single settlement that the Ukari People call home, residing just west of the Dry Reef. By default, it is the largest settlement on Talerin, the capital of all Ukari People, and the only place people arrive interplanetarily.


Outer Sector

Almost 4 times the size of the inner sector, the outer sector is also known as the slums sector. These houses are poorly constructed, in recent times they are built by unpracticed people. The houses that were built by the government only contain one story, because they refused to spend more money than they needed for the outer sector.

The houses have multiple stories because people keep on making additions to their rickety houses, which formed many small alleyways, bridges and tunnels that require walking through to get to places. This makes the outer sector almost impossible to memorise since the alleyways can become so confusing.

Inner Sector

The inner sector is much smaller than the outer sector, as the government decided to spend more money making everything look nicer. The inner sector contains beautiful, large houses, with metal rims, thicker roofs made from paint slate, and better facilities within the houses. There are factories inside the inner sector that produce things strictly just for them, and

Tak'Are Spaceport

In the north of the inner sector is Tak'Are airport. People from all over the Yonderverse fly in to Tak'Are, landing in Tak'Are spaceport. Over 200 landing pads create a massive grid in the ground, giving people a clear space to land.

Built in the 1600s, this airport was constructed as a result of frequent travellers coming in on their airships in the most unconventional places, most commonly rooftops of random houses. It was built in an attempt to prevent just that, trying to funnel all the spaceships into one location so landing is much easier.



The city was formed ten thousand years ago as giant scorpions were beginning to evolve into a sapient species. They learnt to build structures with their four arms, and they quickly realised these structures would be incredibly beneficial against sandstorms, other weather phenomena, and fauna that decided they would make a delicious meal.

Discovery of Magic

In the early 1200s (Greenerth years) the Ukari people found a lost book they found in the Dry Reef, they taught themselves how to control earth magic, and with it the earth themselves. The Ukari people were naturals when it came to earth magic, and word got out about this. People from across the Yonderverse were attracted to the city to be taught earth magic, and with that the people got the idea to be paid in resources, that way they would help others and they would be benefiting their city. Their community driven minds would benefit from the discovery of magic.


Tak'are recieves many tourists each year, mostly biomages who want to explore creatures and plants, and their effects on magic, especially earth magic. The planet is famous for its historical ties with earth magic and Qaran, God of the Earth.

However, the dangerous environments on the planet also deter tourists from visiting the city, as the city is often under attack from the creatures living nearby, especially acid bellows.


The buildings are constructed from a mix of sandstone and clay, reinforced with various spells. The houses have a thatch roof, which is woven so intricately it can't be broken. Houses in the outer sector are never more than one storey tall, as the government likes to claim this is to protect their houses from sandstorm induced damage, but in fact it is because they refuse to spend more than the bare minimum on their housing and facilities.

The inner sector has a lavish style, being made from resources more valuable and stronger. These houses have extra reinforcements, to actually protect them from sandstorms.


The city is built close to the Dry Reef, where their main source of food comes from. It is built on the flat desert, where the soil is both dirt and sand, meaning some plants can be grown here, which are grown to feed domesticated animals. The It'xie Ocean is located just 6 miles south of the city, where they get their water which is filtered and used to drink and wash themselves.
Founding Date
10,000 years ago
Large city
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