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CW: Talks of Drugs and Illegal Activity

Deep in the slums of Tak'are is the tattoo shop known locally as Inkognito. Popular among mages, this shop will get you any tattoo you want, thanks to a man cursed with an ink pen for a hand.

The reason that mages are so attracted to this ink parlour is because of a secret; if you tell the man a secret sentence, he will give you a special tattoo that grants you powers.


The tattoo parlour is located hidden between two houses down an alleyway, accessed through an alleyway that can only be accessed over a bridge and through a tunnel. The slums are so tightly packed that these tunnels, bridges and alleyways are abundant and commonly used to access different houses, which makes it much easier to keep the location of Inkognito hidden from officials.


The tattoo parlour was founded when Lar Danson was gifted, or cursed, with ink for blood and a pen for a hand. This took place at around 2039. The tattoo parlour became a popular store for these amazing tattoos, until 2042 when a man decided to destroy part of the salty desert, creating a massive crater about 90 miles wide. This caused many aftershocks that reached Tak'Are, and destroyed a decent chunk of the outer sector and broke the smallest part of the inner sector, making the government declare moving tattoos illegal and anyone who got one would be punished by death.

This meant the tattoo parlour would have to stop selling their moving tattoos, and instead continued to sell regular tattoos. Due to the lack of people wanting regular tattoos, they started to sell moving tattoos again, but very discreetly. Not making as much money as last time due to not as many people knowing, they decided to manufacture drugs to people, they thought that their living states might drive them to doing them, and he was right. The drugs business had to be kept more secret than the moving tattoos, but the people that knew about it were frequent customers. The drugs business started in 2044, and the new income of money would hold Ted captive in his own ego.


Inkognito got its name from the hidden side of the tattoo parlour. If you say a secret sentence to the man in charge, Ted Danson (not to be confused with the human actor Ted Danson), he will let you have a special tattoo, moving tattoos, which are actually illegal on Talerin and in Tak'Are. These tattoos were made illegal after a band of terrorists blew up a massive crater in the Salty Desert which caused significant damage to the slums and part of the inner sector of Tak'Are, through the aftershock earthquakes.

The tattoo parlour is so well known but never spoken of in Tak'Are that people in the inner sector are familiar, and even though they aren't allowed to enter the outer sector of slums, they will hide themselves to go get a moving tattoo. The fact that the government don't give two hoots about the slum sector means that Inkognito can get away with pretty much anything.

Inkognito is a double front, the tattoo parlour is a well known front for the moving tattoo industry, but the moving tattoos are a front for a drugs industry. Inkognito distributes drugs around the slums, which can explain why it is so busy, visited by people with and without tattoos.

Moving Tattoos

Moving tattoos are the parlour's speciality. The tattoos are illegal in Tak'Are and on Talerin, and so the fact that the parlour sells them is kept quiet to not alert officials.

The tattoos are drawn on by Lar Dansen, Ted's son. Lar was cursed by a witch to have his blood bleed ink, and his hand morph into a pen. He took this ability and used it to create a magical tattoo on his arm, that would move around his body along his skin and granted him powers. He drew more, drawing a sun, a moon, and a lightning rod. These gave him powers to create light, to create darkness, and to create electricity.

His father and himself set up a tattoo parlour to take advantage of this ability, and decided to sell these moving tattoos in their tattoo parlour.


Even fewer people in the slums are aware of the moving tattoos being a front for producing drugs. The houses nearby have gardens growing a plant almost identical to Earths cannabis, with similar effects when smoked, including feeling more relaxed, more talkative, but after feeling very sick.

The drugs are sold in small packets that are sold to people in secrecy. The drugs are expensive, bringing in the tattoo parlour a lot of money that the government is unaware of.

While the government is aware of the presence of moving tattoos in the slums (but not that the parlour is selling them), they are not aware of the drug activity in the slums. The government don't care enough to do anything about the moving tattoos, but the risk is too high that they would take action against drug activities to make it more known, which is why few people know about it.

Alternative Names
Tattoo House
Parent Location

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