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Miko's Hair Salon

Miko's Hair Salon is the absolute best hairdresser's in the entirety of the outer sector of Tak'are. It is regarded as the only place you should go to get your hair cut, as the owner, Miko, only hires the most qualified barbers and himself. He can give you any style you want, no matter how extravagant. However, his abilities are so good that people living in the outer sector can disguise themselves as inner sector inhabitants, and they like to break in and illegally live there. Miko's Hair Salon is infamous with the inner sector inhabitants, as outer sector peoples are seen as disgusting and infectious, and so they generally fear them.

Purpose / Function

Miko's Hair Salon will give you the best haircuts you have ever had. If you want a simple haircut, that's perfectly fine, but Miko and his associates shine best when you ask for a more sophisticated haircut. If you want your hair to stick in the air and form a ring, that's no problem. You want it bright orange and looking like a crown? Easy. Anything you want with your hair, Miko can do, and he can transform the scruffiest, dirtiest hair into luscious locks.


Because of the outer sector's terrible quality of buildings, the salon is not the biggest. The floors are made from wood, slowly rotting away in the corners of the room. The building is one of few made of stone, and is relatively sturdy, providing foundations for other buildings that have been piled on top of it.


A large, wooden door sits at the front of the room, opposite to the restrooms and the staff area. Only a few windows exist, on either side of the door, which let in minimal light. All other sides of the buildings are blocked off by other buildings, covering up windows that were turned into small shelves for flowerpots and ornaments.
Parent Location


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