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Outer Tak'Are Healing Centre

The Outer Tak'Are Healing Centre, or OTHC, is the biggest healing centre, or hospital, in Tak'are. It attracts up to a hundred thousand visitors a year, simply due to the poor quality of life within the Outer Sector, and the immense population.

Purpose / Function

The OTHC is considered the capital healing centre in the Outer Sector, because of its highly advanced technology and its size. It is designed to house hundreds of patients at a time, and cure them all, helping them get better when they are sick. The OTHC contains 3 sectors, the primary, secondary, and tertiary sector. The primary sector are the most severely injured patients; those who could potentially die and need immediate help. The secondary sector are for those with unscheduled trips to the hospital, who are not in severe pain but, say if you had a limp or a sore arm. The tertiary sector are for those who are not in much pain, and instead they have a scheduled appointment sorted out days in advance before they visit.


The building is built from concrete, with metal infrastructure to make sure it is very stable. The building is rather large, and takes up much space, and even has some slum buildings piled on top of it. The building is made from various shapes, squares, circles, rectangles, that mark out different sectors based on the colour of the walls. Yellow is the primary sector, green is the secondary sector, and purple is the tertiary sector.


The OTHC was formed two hundred years ago, when diseases were spreading across the Outer Sector and more and more people were dying. Because of riots of outer sector civilians breaking into the inner sector and asking for better healthcare, the government was left with no choice but to fund a hospital, that was big enough to handle the entire outer sector, and would also be top quality. Since then, the government has unwillingly been funding the OTHC with their own money.
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Nov 25, 2021 07:49 by Eallixy

Nice hospital ^^ Always nice when poorer people get healthcare! What's the vibe of this place? Do people voluntarily come there for problems or do they try to avoid it at all costs?

Nov 25, 2021 16:32 by Mochi

Thank you! I felt bad for the poorer people because the government hates them :( People are known to go there as much as possible, for the most minor injuries, purely because they know it annoys the government but they won't stop funding them because of the riots :P

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