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Velaster is a vibrant blend of metropoli and vast forests. The planet is the sixth in the Hanaji Cluster, forming a small planetary group, the Inner Hanaji Circle. The seven planets in this group are all inhabited by the velastians, native to this planet.

Eggy Placeholder by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

The planet's inhabitants are avians, closely related to roadrunners, and other Cuculiformes. Velaster is dominated by birds, especially passerines, which make up approximately 70% of known species on the planet. Where massive sprawling forests lie, grand urban areas live alongside them.

Velaster has a total population of approximately 6.5 billion velastians, not including people from other planets, which is approximately another two billion inhabitants.

Velaster has spectacular relationships with neighbouring planets. The friendly folk of Velaster have established mutually beneficial trade routes, allowing velastians to grow and evolve, while supporting their allies. The vibrant forests of purples and blues are one of the most prized resources. The trees of Velaster all bear magical properties, many discovered, most unknown.


Purple Grassbird by Mochi

Velaster's most notable feature are the abundance of songbirds. Wherever you travel, the distinctive call of this massive group of birds is everpresent. People's start to the mornings are initiated by the calls of ruby lyrebirds, a cosmopolitan species that thrive in urban areas.

Songbirds feature in the daily lives of anyone in Velaster. They are not kept as pets, but many are domesticated to some extent and are extremely comfortable around people. Walking in the streets of a bustling city, many songbirds will fly up to someone in the hopes of receiving a tasty morsel. In many countries, it is considered a standard practice to carry some form of food for these bright and wonderful birds.

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