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Zechichi is a planet in the Selvos Cluster. It is inhabited by the zelvari, a species of intelligent humanoid mammalians. The planet is most known for its tropical climates, resulting in vast numbers of species. However, these rainforests are on a decline thanks to the industrial boom that occurred in the last thirty years, and over a third of the planet's rainforests have disappeared since then.

Geography, Location & Climate

Zechichi has identified three major continents and one sub-continent. These three continents sit forming a ring surrounding an entire ocean, with the sub-continent, Tevesza, in the dead centre. Zechichi is a tidally locked planet, with Tevesza perfectly lining up with Ikkari, the solar system's singular star.


The largest continent, Vazar makes up approximately half of the continental ring. It is bordered by the Zechichi Arctic Ocean to the North and the Malraz and Zavai Oceans to the west. This continent is particularly mountainous, with several major mountain ranges to the north and the south, which section it off from the other continents.

Vazar's climate is much more cooler on the outer coastline than the innner coastline. Due to the planet's tidally locked position and the magical energy that funnels heat energy towards Tevesza, Vazar recieves some of the heat energy on its inner coastline, which has created a more tropical climate.


Taking up the northeast quarter of the continental ring, it is an incredibly thin continent, with an average of about 15 miles between the inner and outer coastlines. It is sensitive to weather changes, and any severe weather phenomena such as hurricanes tends to wipe out much of the wildlife for a few days.


The least populated continent, Eazin takes up the southeast quarter of the continental ring. The majority of the landmass is desert, ascending into thin plateaus stacked on top of each other. The brick plateaus, as they are commonly known as, divides Marlaz and Eazin, but geographically sit under Eazin.

The inner coastline is covered in a thick rainforest, made of semi-aquatic trees which continue to grow in the ocean, in the shallower parts. Much of the desert is considered uninhabitable due to its temperature, which can sometimes exceed a hundred degrees Celsius.


The most well known location on the planet for outsiders is Tevesza. It is permanently facing the star the planet orbits, and the magical energy that afflicts the planet forces all heat energy to focus in on this sub-continent. Climate cycles filters this heat energy round the planet, but Tevesza is the hottest place on Zechichi, reaching temperatures of up to five hundred degrees Celsius.

The boiling temperatures of this continent means that no zelvari could possibly survive here. Instead, small reptilians and arachnids reside here, among a handful of other species.

Orbit No.
Distance From Sun
56.3 AU
Location under
Inhabiting Species

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