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Greovis is the farthest planet from Ajarvi, the single white dwarf in the centre of the Selvos Cluster, a solar system with over a hundred planets in its orbit. Due to its position the general climate on Greovis struggles to cope with the drastically cold temperatures. Few creatures survive other than stationary land sponges, giant crustaceans scuttling across the tundras, and of course, thousands of nematodes.

The hottest temperature recorded on Greovis is a horrific -274K, a temperature thought was scientifically impossible. Due to this chilling cold the oanie that have taken control of the planet access it remotely, using advanced robotic technology to mine away at the plentiful valuable resources. Over 39% of the planet's iron has been stripped and transported back to Karkhala.

Orbit No.
Distance From Sun
1,204 AU
Location under


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