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Natani Melle is the current leader of the Galanti League, Galanis Furora's predecessor. He has a well cultivated reputation for being one of the most reliable, resourceful, and morally sound leaders.

Natani's body features many organic coral growths, particularly around the skull and neck. His species, coralians, are native to planet Silvernis.

The coral form a mutualistic relationship with Natani, the green polyps contain chlorophyll, allowing Natani to photosynthesise at all times. Natani himself provide a host for the coral to grow and reproduce.

Natani's current partner is the founder of Wewix Fuud, a multi-planetary food company that specialises in genetically modified crops. Together, the two have formed a power-couple of sorts, incredibly well known and renowned throughout the Milky Way.

Galanti League

The Galanti League is a tight-knit organisation of superpowerful beings, in charge of defending the Galanti Cluster. This solar system of just over three hundred planets contains many valuable planets, sometimes under the attack of a predatory force (mostly the oanie).

Eggy Placeholder by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

The League was set up and ran by Galanis Furora, who suffered from a traumatic attack as a child, oanie forces destroying much of his home planet. Anger and frustration, and wanting to destroy the oanie species, led him to create the organisation, disguising his rage as a desire to protect his solar system.

Thirteen years of the League defending the Galanti Cluster, and every so often Galanis' ulterior motives peek through the cracks. The group was its strongest around a year old, when the first signs started cropping up. Galanis would frequently make subtle comments about the oanie.

These comments were few and far between at first, but Galanis quickly became more open about his desire to take revenge on the people that destroyed his home planet. He was not open to the public about this desire, but his fellow League members were all aware. Several left the organisation, which alarmed the public. Their one source of protection from outside threats was slowly falling apart.

46 years ago, Galanis ordered a raid of an oanie-owned warehouse on the banks of the Galantis Cluster. This unprompted attack drove the public against the Galanti League, who promoted peacefulness. Galanis received the most backlash, and he was forced to step down from his position. He left the League entirely, replaced by Natani Melle. His opening speech addressed previous matters, encouraging the public that the Galanti League would do better.

Natani's Speech
My blessed citizens,   Our home, our solar system, holds some of the Yonderverse's most precious peoples, places, and resources. External threats question our security and our sanctity. To put it bluntly, people are after us. Some think they are entitled to our riches. Forces driven by greed, ambition, and a lust for power, who see our system not as a sanctuary for its inhabitants but as a mere prize to be seized.   I understand that the League has made poor past judgments. I am honoured to have been put in this position, and I will do my utmost to ensure that the League stays true to its morals.   We will not fail our people. We will be vigilant. Together, we will navigate the challenges that lie ahead, charting a course towards a future where our solar system remains a beacon of hope, progress, and unity. And as we face the trials to come, let us draw strength from the knowledge that we are not alone, that we are bound together by a common destiny, and that together, there is no challenge we cannot overcome.   Thank you, and may the stars guide us on our journey forward.

Ruler of
Galanti League
Black with purple spots
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Soft yellow skin, with light green coral ornaments
Aligned Organization

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