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Welcome to Nonvyrox!

Eons ago, a group of formless beings found a world overrun with chaotic energies. These beings, seeing potential and a chance to learn, imposed upon the world and learned how to control these energies and harness them to their control. In doing so, the beings held back and chained powerful primordial creatures who walked the realm in the time before.   For centuries, these beings nurtured the world that they had found, moulding its chaotic elemental nature into mountains and oceans. Soon, the beings created the first embers of life. For futher centuries the beings, now known as The Gods, saw their creatures grow and imbued them with magic that allowed them to grow their power and presence in the world.   But this is not the state of the world anymore. After the event known only as the Shatter, where the Gods sealed their physical forms behind a force known as the "Tynau'' or the Path to the Beyond, the continents of Nonvyrox have developed new and interesting Arcane and Mechanical technologies.

Nonvyrox is the combination of several passions. While its origins trace back to its RPG roots, it has also developed into something much more vibrant and diverse. Though it is still used as an RPG setting, there is a driving force to push beyond this context and develop new and interesting possibilities within the world.

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