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Veritas Convention

In the instance of arcane arts, the Veritas Convention are a strong and premier instance of the power of the mortal mind.
— Lord Cara'loth Moorelane

The Veritas Convention is a collective of extremely powerful magic users in the Ossalimarian Empire. They are primarily based in Grantour but have been known to be spread throughout Ossalimar.



In the wake of the Ossalimarian Conquest, many of the magic infuesd noble families from the conquered regions of the newly formed Empire and the arcane users that followed the Ossalimar banner during the defeat of Malithan Bornate, found themselves at odds surrounding the ideals of the new Empire's magical presence.   However, this drastically changed in 439 AR where the collective of magical users found their own way of understanding and a collection of the most powerful among them took on the title of archmage, a role that would be expanded further in the coming centuries. These first nine members were charged with developing a name for the collective and developing a charter and purpose for the collective.   These first archmages chose the name "Veritas Convention" from an ancient tome that spoke of an Arvadian ideal to "seek out the truth." This was known as the Veritas Convention among the found Arvadian texts at the time and as such was adopted as both the name and initial goal of the collective.

Night of Silver

The Night of Silver was the most dramatic change of course for the Convention. The Saitodian had been formed within the first two decades as a dedicated group of spies and minor militia working alongside the Convention. On the Night of Silver, some group attacked both Saitodian and Convention members, culling the Convention to only ten and destroying the Saitodian.   In the days following the evening, there were many individuals who enlisted with the Convention as a matter of attempting to regrow its ranks. WIthin a year the Convention was able to restart Blackstone Keep and expand its influence into further parts of the Empire. Additionally, it was after this that many smaller villages and settlements would vie to send their children to one of the Convention led schools.   In secret, the Saitodian were restarted under the direct hand of the Convention rather than as a seperate group. The Archmage of Influence was given the formal position of head of the Saitodian, however this information has remained private since its creation. The Saitodian were under the direct control of a number of the Archmages, though publically and even privately in the Convention there is no known information that confirms how many, or who else controls or is involved with the Saitodian.   In the wake of the Night of Silver, the Convention attempted to blame a rebellious faction of individuals from the eastern region of the Empire as the perpetrators of the Night of Silver. As a result, several families of known radicals were rounded up and executed by the Crownsguard. This didn't sit well with many of the settlements on the Daunka Shore as many of them were sympathisers with anti-Empire propaganda.

Religious Rebellion

Over the next five decades, the sentiment of the Daunka Shore gew stronger against the Empire with even crown appointed political figures and Crownsguard members pushing against the Empire. As these sentiements grew, the Convention made a stronger and more consistent push in these regions for Convention propoganda. This infuriated many people on the Shore as the Convention taking advantage of their feelings for their own means.   At the start of the Religious Rebellion, members of the Daunka Shore started to worship a variety of different gods, particularly of note to the Convention, Thoura. The Convention used the start of the Rebellion as a chance to show the force of individuals who worked alongside the Convention. Additionally, as the Crownsguard leant in and attacked the region, the Convention lent over several different select individuals to attack the people across the land. Some records note that while the Crownsguard would act as soldiers, even the generals were forced to listen to the members of the Convention who acted as the true generals of the battles.   One brutal battle was the Battle of Zhora. In the northern region of the Daunka Shore, the city of Zhora was ground zero for a major attack during the rebellion. It was thought by the Convention to be the home base for a significant number of rebels. As such Lord Cara'loth Moorelane sent a strikeforce of three powerful magic users, one with an intense skill in Evocation magic, one proficient in Blades and Weaponry that are infused with Magic, and the last said to be proficient in manipulating the blood of an individual. These three magic users decimated and destroyed all but the most central component of Zhora, raising it to the ground. Thousands died and led to the condemnation of the attack by the Convention and the three mages being diavowed from their ranks. All three were never seen from again.   By the end of the Rebellion, the diplomatic peace talks had garnered support on either side. However, it was the Daunka Province who requested that the Veritas Convention remain out of the peace talks as much as possible. In the eyes of the Province, the Convention were not a political power and should not be treated as such. As a result, only one member of the Convention was involved, Lord Cara'loth Moorelane.
Veritas Convention

Veritas Convention Logo by Owen Davies (Oaster)

General Information
Type Political
Base Blackstone Keep
Leader Seeker Lanis Cormalith
Goals Obtain power and dominion over the Ossalimarian Empire
Enforce the truth "as it should be".
Recover and restore relics from The Shatter to advance their own magical potential.
Formed 439 AR
Total Members 7
Classes Wizard (typically)
Alignment Neutral to Evil
Races Multiracial
Alligences Ossalimarian Empire
Rivals Obsidian Forge
Duchy of Carenvale
Archani Conclave

The Shrouded War

As of the start of the Shrouded War, the Convention have acted as the strongest hidden advisors over the course of the war. Under the direct command of King Leivan Ossalimar, the Convention and Saitodian have infiltrated many aspects of Dolvalyn Sovereignty life and use this as a secret collective ready to strike as soon as they are necessary.   It is strongly believed by those who distain the Convention that the hatred that King Leivan has for the Sovereignty is fostered by the Convention who wish to use the war as an excuse to erradicate the worship of The Dream Lord on the continent and learn how to harnass arcane power to influence the dreams of Ossalimarian people.   At least three known Convention attacks have taken place against the Sovereignty. Though the Convention have claimed that these were in fact rogue agents who decided to take matters into their own hands and ignored the current creed of the Convention to remain anonymous in the war, along with the rest of the Empire. Despite this, they continue to peddle anti-Sovereignty propoganda and propigate their students with the history of The Shatter and the role of the Sovereignty's people within it.

The Convention

Ossalimarian Views of the Convention


Ossalimarian Empire

The Convention have embedded themselves deeply into the core of the Ossalimarian Empire. So much so that some of the Archmages within the Convention are also members of the Privy Council and all of the Archmages are members of the Small Council to King Leivan Ossalimar. Despite the seeming dominance of their current position, this has been the case since the final days of the Ossalimarian Conquest and the formation of the Veritas Convention. They have always had some level of influence on the reigning King.   The Convention are embedded within almost all elements of governing the Empire. They have been known to implement their own secret espionage and police force, the Saitodian, protected the Empire's existence during the Religious Rebellion, the supervision of higher learning within the Empire and the "reclamation" of artifacts from both Pre-Shatter and during The Shatter.


There are many individuals across Ossalimar that support the Veritas Convention because of their outward good nature. Some allied with the Convention claim that they were designed to keep a check on the Empire's government and act as members within its ranks to provide the checks and balances that are neccessary for the governing class to run. Some also claim that the Convetion have allowed learning of the arcane arts to middle and lower class individuals across the empire.   Some within the Empire worship the Convention as the highest form of privilege. Some in smaller communities push their children for greatness by strict study and learning to grow their possible potential. In smaller communities being selected to attend Blackstone Keep is one of the highest honours that many of them could ask for. Most families are compensated for their child attending the Keep.


Those who are unaligned with the Convention are constantly aware of their growing magical and political potential within The Empire. Notably members of the Obsidian Forge and Archani Conclave are made aware that the Convention are likely to find some way to get them killed.

Archani Conclave

The Archani Conclave and Convention have been at odds for close to a century now. The Conclave believe that the knowledge of magic and academics should be spread to all those who are wishing to access it. The Convention have used this methodology to scope out new magic-users to induct into their academic pursuits. As a result, many members of the Conclave within the Empire have taken a different path of expanding their knowledge with hidden libraries to remove them from Convention eyes. However, with their influence the Convention have made it so these buildings are now illegal to enter or be found leading.

Grand Archive of the Obsidian Forge

The Convention and the Grand Archive of the Obsidian Forge have been at odds for a similar length of time. However, due to their nature's the two organisations cannot act to destroy the other. The Obsidian Forge enact checks and balances as best they can on the Convention. Both organisations have the ear of the King, each using this in an attempt to reduce the political capital of the other and limit the powers of the other that do not align. From time to time, the Forge and Convention work together out of necessity. When such an event occurs the members are often informed to spy on the intentions of the other faction.

Continental Views of the Convention

Dolvalyn Sovereignty

Since the start of The Shrouded War, the Dolvalyn Sovereignty have had an intense distance for the members of the Convention. Its often circulated to noble members of the Sovereignty that the Convention are "of the highest order of scum and villany." Outside of these circles though all the information that's shared is what is learned about attacks on Sovereignty encampments by the Convention and their forces.  

Daunka Province

Those who were around in the Religious Rebellionremember that the Convention were pivotal in many of the conflicts and were successful in curbing the capabilities of the Province as it was suceeding. There are consistent rumours that the people in Little Allherra, that almost caused a breakdown of the peace talks, were in fact both members of the Convention. This general distrust of the Convention is still upheld today, however there is a level of agreement between the two sides as the Convention were mediators in the peace talks between the Empire and Provincial Separatists.

Ossaman Tribes

The Ossaman Tribes have the most neutral view of the Convention. Whilst there are individual members who have had a negative experience with their members, on the whole they treat them as a necessary part of the world that must be kept at an arms length. Those who complete their Dragonflight from the region often find themselves in the Empire at some point, however they are treated as a dignitary by any member of the Convention. It is rumoured that the Convention are using the power generated by the completion of a Dragonflight for their own purposes.

Global Views of the Convention

As a general rule, the people of the world who know of the Convention treat them as a necessary evil within the world. As of 755 AR, there isn't much public information regarding the actions of the Convention behind closed doors. Anyone who has spoken out against them has either mysteriously vanished, or found themselves recanting their statement after talking with a member of the Convention.

Notable Members


Name Pronouns Description
Lord Cara'loth Moorelane He/Him Archmage of Antiquities - Air Elementra, oldest living member of the Convention, often looked to as the leader.
General Garda Nyasinth She/Her Archmage of Conscription - Dwarf, former general under the Empire with innate magical abilities
Matron Evelyn Ashreign She/They Archmage of Curriculum - Human, Matron of Blackstone Keep
Marquis Yelenas Jar'mathis They/Them Archmage of Zoology - Light Elf, studies and documents strange and unique creatures
Baronness Zyenna Cracklestone She/Her Archmage of Influence - Grassfolk, known for controlling the Saitodian and shaping minds to join the collective.
Lady Nara Oakthorn She/Her Archmage of Enchantment - Dwarven enchanter in charge of stocking the armory of the convention with magical items
Maester Jayla Korrinth She/Her Archmage of Cosmology - Tiefling, known for her study of the different planes.
Dharius Lane He/Him Archmage of Diplomacy - Half-Elf, most public face of the Convention, in charge of fostering good relationships within and beyond the Empire
Headmaster Olivar Currlison He/Him Archmage of Cultivation - Human, Headmaster of the Emberhold Academy in Zyira, in charge of finding and cultivating young minds and scouting possible new members of the Convention.

Known Apprentices

Name Pronouns Description
Cardinal Moores They/Them A young member of the Convention. Grassfolk Wizard with a strong focus on enchantment magic.
Uvris Call They/He Apprentice to the Archmage of Influence and Long-Term librarian for the Convention within Grantour.
Shara Mallia She/Her Apprentice to the Archmage of Zoology, often found striding the world searching for unique specimen to return to the Convention's Menagerie


Name Pronouns Description
Marisson de la Vonsick She/Her Hand of the Empire, second only to King Leivan Ossalimar in the Empire's Government.
Zinfarin Wathrasint Any Firbolg enchanter working with the Convention. Currently living in Grantour .
Rasha Amann She/They Leader of Divine's Folly, known as an adventurer around Ossalimar, has an intense distain for divinity.
General Han Velush They/Them Drakin General of the Empire's Crownsguard

Former Members

Name Pronouns Description
Lady Wulthra Aern She/Her Former Archmage of Enchantment for the Convention . Was expelled from the Convention after it was discovered she used Kora's Mind Palace as a crutch for many years.


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