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Arvadian (ɑːveɪdiːæn)

In the days of old, the Arvadians ruled the world from the skies, holding the power of the arcane in the palm of their hands. Yet with this power came responsibility above that of any others in the world. These beings squandered their opportunity choosing selfish and ambitious means to gain the goals they desired. This drive led not only to their downfall, but the slaughter of millions.
— Professor Lyvrin Quotal, The Histories of the Arcane
  In the time before The Shatter, the Arvadians were a group of devout aracne users that comprised some of the greatest minds in the lands of Nonvyrox. Their immense powers allowed them to build great inventions and other strange and wonderful arcane inventions, this however led to their immense arrogance and overconfidence that would eventually lead to their downfall and the slaughter of most of the planetary population.  


There were several major Arvadian cities which each had diverse class structures and appearances. Any person of an arcane nature were granted access to the floating cities of Arvandia which traversed the skies of Nonvyrox. Each of these floating cities being so drastically different led to the creation of unique and individualized societies which altered the perceptions of many Arvadians about those who lived below but also those who lived on other settlements.   The different floating cities of Arvandria were highly focused on differing schools of magic, from Hudran and its focus on denfensive and communicative magics to Varys and its intense focus on offensive and war magics.  


The casual wear of each city was different and highly based around the schools and types of magic that it followed. So while Hudranian Arvadians wore long flowing robes of different colours denoting their level of power, the Yarysian Arvadians  

Notable Discoveries

There were many notable discoveries by the Arvadians over the course of their three millenia long journey. Many of these discoveries were lost during the collapse of civilization known as The Shatter.
  • Floating Cities
  • Arcanavision
  • Hranisites
  • Okran Pylons
  • Arcane Nexus
  • The Varya

Notable People


Notable Locations




Art Credits

Arvadian Main Image created using MidJourney

General Information
Number ~20,000 before the Shatter
Primary Language Ancient Common, Arvandian
Primary Deity Thoura
Celebrated Concepts
  • Knowledge
  • The Arcane
Societal Information
Plane Material Plane
  • Kryl
  • Krondir
  • Zavris
  • Vilura
  • Yuvalkon
  • Rand'vor
Status Mostly Extinct


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