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Tak'Are War

The Tak'Are War was a war fought by the Ukari People against a race of highly intelligent acid bellows. The only, and most brutal, war on Talerin, it lasted 3 years and caused the acid bellow subspecies to go extinct.

The Conflict


A subspecies of acid bellow had been evolving to become more intelligent; their heads larger to fit a more complex brain. They had targeted the Ukari People and would prey on those who left the city of Tak'are. The acid bellows got smarter and smarter, and they would destroy any defences set up by the Ukari People around the city.


The various fights took place around the city, and occasionally inside it.


The first battle, the battle of Mak'hala, took place along the Outer Sector walls. Guards were armed with large shields, spears and bows. Somehow, the acid bellows were able to fling their acid over the wall and cover the guards, so the guards were given large round shields that could withstand, or at least block the acid. The birds could not get over the wall, so after a few days of stop and start fighting, the they retreated back into the Dry Reef.  

Battle in the Dry Reef

The biggest battle took place in the Dry Reef. It was the last battle that took place, the smarter acid bellow population had shrunk to only a few dozen. A troop of a hundred soldiers were sent out of the city and into the Dry Reef in search of the birds to terminate them.   The battle began 13 hours after the soldiers had left the city, when they were deep in the reef. The birds had been watching the soldiers enter the reef and slowly closed them into a small flat area where they could be picked off. Once the birds were in viewing distance from the soldiers, the soldiers formed a ball with their shields that was practically impenetrable by the birds. While the birds thought they had captured the soldiers, the soldiers had actually used magic to raise a line of earth around them to form an arena where the soldiers slaughtered every last one of the acid bellows. To prove they had won, they brought back the severed head of one of the birds to the ruler and placed it above the throne.
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