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Viphueanus is a dwarf planet from the Ria Solar System. It orbits the sun Nasara between Talerin and Greenerth. The lush climate on the dwarf planet provides beautiful tropical rainforests, vibrant oceans; it is one of the most popular dwarf planets to stay on as major holiday resorts have built on it and people across the Yonderverse can stay here.


Tropical Rainforests

Simply referred to as tropical rainforests by tourists, the rainforests on Vipheanus are slightly different to what one might be familiar with. The leaves of the trees grow at the bottom of the tree, with the trunk and root-like branches growing at the top of the tree. It is unknown what caused this evolution in trees, but it sure is welcome. As well as the unusual trees, the rest of the plant species grow on the sides of the tree trunks, some even forming bridges to one another as flowering vines.


The oceans on Vipheanus are without a doubt some of the most vibrant in the Yonderverse. There are at least ten coral species within every square metre of ocean, and coral reefs exist in roughly 79% of the ocean on the dwarf planet.
There are three established oceans on Vipheanus; the Tehes, Aires, and the Uares. Each ocean covers almost a third of the planet's water, and is owned by a different travel company on Greenerth.

Fauna & Flora


Rainforests and oceans almost always contain a vast amount of fauna species, and Vipheanus is no exception. There are thousands of animal species in the rainforests of this dwarf planet, including mangrove rottlers from the swamps and wetlands, ornament fish from the coral reefs, and gnaanders in the rainforests. Some animals do pose a threat to the tourists that stay in holiday parks, but most are not considered threats, and some are even kept as pets.


Vipheanus hosts some of the more unusual flora in the Ria Solar System. On their own, they may not appear rather unusual, but they co-exist in such a unique way that it is not seen anywhere else in the galaxy.
All of the plant species live on each other, in both mutualistic and parasitic relationships. In the rainforests, the only plants that have roots in the ground are the tower trees, with hundreds of plants growing on their trunks.


The vibrant rainforests and oceans drew people from other planets to Vipheanus. In modern times, places like these are almost always used for tourism, with travel companies fighting for the opportunity to build a hotel or attraction here to earn money.
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