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The Equator Range is the largest mountain range on Maloruno, wrapping tightly around the Equator of the planet. It is tightly nestled between forests on both sides, as the range acts as a natural border between two powerful rivalling species, white tigers and runos.

Geography, Location & Climate

Equator Range Lowlands by Mochi

As the largest mountain range on the planet, it wraps around Maloruno to form a perfect ring shape. The most abundant rock type that make up these mountains is greenstone, an aptly named stone with a light green tint. This tint comes from the presence of malyphis chlorophyll, a special type of chlorophyll present in organic, non-living substances.

The tallest mountain in the Equator Range is Mount Ziphemis, which reaches 11,304 metres above sea level. The average mountain reaches 6,429 metres above sea level, with approximately 79 million peaks above 5,000 metres. There are sixty river drainage systems attached to the Equator
Range, the largest being the Evin River, which runs from seventy different tributaries leading into the Southern Equatorial Ocean.


There are four main active volcanic areas around the Equator Range, the rest of the mountain region comprised of dormant volcanoes. The largest active volanic area sits on the bridge between the Siil and Southern Equatorial Oceans. Due to increased volcanic activity in recent years, the water in the area has warmed up by a few degrees and hardened magma has formed dams in some places, disrupting local ecosystems.



The mountain range has featured in religions, myths, legends, and folklore ever since runos first started crafting them. Their superstitious beliefs led them to fabricate elaborate stories about these mountains. A particularly intriguing story dates back to fifty million years ago, long before runos even existed.

The story details a tremendous battle between white tigers and runos, which devastated a large portion of the Equator Range. This story is solidified by the Wreckage; this massive crater lies between a ring of mountains deep within the wilderness, formed as if a horrific battle between gigantic creatures had occurred and destroyed the lands.

Ever since runos and white tigers divded themselves as species, they used the Equator Range as a divider between both territories. Any land north of the mountains qualified for the Northern Hemisphere, while anything below belonged to the Southern Hemisphere. White Tigers lived up north while runos lived down south.

Both species would survey each other, with guards posted on mountains on either side of the mountain range, partly hidden from the other species but close enough that the other could be watched. Feedback was relayed to civilisations, both sides making sure the other wasn't making unwanted advanced.

In ancient times, giant monsters and wicked beasts ruled over the mountain range. White tigers were inescapable, their blood-filled maws wrapping around anything that dare moved. Giants lurked round each mountain, ready to grab at you without a moment's notice.

We hid in the caves. There was nowhere else for us to survive, and the only way we could possibly take over the Northern Hemisphere was to dig our way through the mountains. Though one day, that all went wrong...


We were so close to reaching the Northern Hemisphere. We had successfully dug through seventy mountains, each at least a mile wide. It had been our main goal for years; hundreds of us spent almost our entire lives digging these tunnels. But once we had reached the other side, we were met with about fifty white tigers. They knew we were coming, and they had waited.

Before any of us could react, the tigers leapt down the tunnels. They killed all of our men. All but me. Some were ripped apart by the tigers, some were crushed by the lumbering giants. I wish to never revisit those memories.

— Runo History Textbook


Due to the mountain range's tough geography to live in, any species native to here are well adapted. Many have thick fur, designed to keep their bodies warm during winters but shed during summers. Their anatomies are designed to withstand huge impacts, which can occur from falling down mountains. While most species are built to climb cliff faces, some completely vertical, falling happens on occasion.

Many animals in these mountains either hibernate, shed their fur, or migrate during winters. Many head further down the mountains to lower altitudes, where the air is warmer and more food is available. Some
White Tiger by Mochi
will sleep in caves, in thick pockets of snow, or are able to wrap themselves in thick layers of fur.  

The flora in the Equator Range are typically quite short-growing, with small leaves and long roots. The roots keep them stabilised when winds pick up, and being so short the wind is less likely to catch them, ripping them out of the ground. Their long roots also help them to retrieve water and nutrients from soil or stone, some even laced with barbs to grip in cracks and crevices.

Damn toad bit me yesterday. Almost crapped myself. I was walking through the river barefoot when I felt this mouth clamp down on my toes. I screamed like hell, but these things are harmless anyways.
— Runo, referring to an andran toad
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