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White Tiger

White tigers are the most prolific hunters of Maloruno. Occupying the entirety of the Northern Hemisphere of the planet, white tigers are the only animal that scare Runos, the resident sapient species.


White tigers have a stocky build, with giant shoulders and small legs compared to their arms. They also have significantly small heads, with a flat, triangular shaped skull. Their teeth are fused to form a large beak that they sharpen on rocks and trees. White tigers have shimmering white fur with black stripes that reflects light and appears "invisible" during the daytime.

Their arms are extremely large, and when running they sometimes don't use their back legs, and instead sprint just using their hands. Their hands have an opposable thumb, which helps them climb trees. Their digits each possess a large claw used to rip prey to shreds.

White tigers possess three tails, sprouting from the same position. To keep the tails from getting in the way of their running, the tigers twizzle them together. The ends of these tails are what appears to be a telson, where venom is injected into its prey to stun it, as the venom is not strong enough nor designed to kill.


White tigers are hypercarnivorous, and apex predators. They prey on anything and everything... within reason. They will not take on elder rune deers, since their psychic abilities are too powerful, and they can't exactly hunt bird flying high in the sky.

Never in the history of the runo's awareness of the species have they seen white tigers consume anything other than raw meat. Despite being an incredibly intelligent species, they do not cook their food, and instead rip flesh out of prey they've killed and consume it. They will sometimes consume bone material, but it is seldom seen.


White tigers mate just once a year, on a white moon. White moons are when the sun, Nasara, shines so bright on the moon that the bacteria present on the celestial object glows a bright white colour. This is partly where white tigers get their name, as on these nights you can hear their deafening roars, their mating calls, where males call for females.

Gestation period for a white tiger is 13 months, and they give birth to a litter of 5 to 9 babies. These babies are practically useless, and must be protected by parents for the first six months or they will succumb to predators, disease, famine, literally anything.

Because of this, parents are extremely protective over their babies. Anybody that gets close to where their babies are will be killed and eaten, some given to the babies despite being fed a diet of milk at this stage.

Apex Predators

White tigers are the apexiest of apex predators on Maloruno. They are hunted by no other creature, and are very capable killers. They mostly target Rune Deer, by slashing their legs with their tails as their venom is ineffective against them, climbing up their necks and crushing their psychic orb. This orb is the easiest way to kill the animals, as a psychic aura around the deer prevent significant harm to them.

Some tigers enjoy more difficult prey to capture. As an intelligent species, they take pleasure in hunting and will hunt for sport. They tend to target Maze Hawks, the largest bird species on the planet. By sitting on the tops of maze pines, they will jump at any hawk that flies close, slashing at their wings with their tails and ripping the birds to shreds. This is all for fun, as the maze hawks do not have large bodies and their meat has little nutritional value.

Runo Rivalry

White tigers, as an intelligent species and the strongest predator on the planet, often found themselves against Runos. Runos are the only sapient species on the planet, and they currently inhabit the entirety of the Southern Hemisphere. Runos started appearing only thirty thousand years ago, around the Equator. White tigers often targeted runo civilisations, which caused the people to flee past the Equatorial Mountains that ring around the planet's Equator and into the Southern Hemisphere, where white tigers did not exist. To this day, white tigers do not step into Runo Territory and runos do not approach White Tiger Territory, as both species are now on par in terms of strength.


White Tigers boast gigantic territories. A pair of white tigers will own territories up to a hundred square kilometres, that they frequently crawl around the edges of, leaving their long-lasting urine to scare away others and to mark the borders. White tigers are great at respecting boundaries of others of the species, and it is rare for a white tiger to try and take more land for their territories.
White Tiger by Mochi
15 years
Average Height
2.5 - 2.8 metres
Average Length
5 metres
Geographic Distribution
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