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Kingsmaker is a science-fantasy setting set on the planet Prius, whose arcane is formed through the omnipotent aura of the Veil.
Roughly 5000 years ago, after the great unknown reset everything Prius had accomplished pushing the world into an age of godless ignorance, four survivors of the catastrophic event emerged out of the dust. They were Eternals, mechanical beings, who had transcended mortality by placing their dying souls within these colossus contraptions.
Able to share some of the knowledge, that got lost, the Eternals helped the mortals to rebuild societies out of the dust of centuries of chaos. It didn't take long for the survivors to begin worshipping these miraculous metallic saviours as guardian angels and later living gods.
The Eternal Counsel was born!
Prius eventually healed and began to prosper for the first time with the Counsel's aid. Giving up their global influence the Councel founded the science centred country of Etherium in 800 AS. Retreating from their place as Prius leaders to Etherium with their most dedicated devotees, they made way for the rest of the world to start developing freely on their own, restoring diversity.  

. . .

4902 AS:.
A young Dryad finally dared to investigate a grim-looking spot in her forest, that got recently added to her area of protection via natural causes.
Exploring the unfamiliar area carefully, she suddenly stumbled over a cable made out of a strange-looking stone and tumbled down into a dark pit.
Brushing off the dust of aeons, that gathered in that place, Videns looked around in awe making out altars, pillars; a long-forgotten place built by the mortals for ritualistic purposes. But her mind got drawn to a particular artefact towering over her in the air, it called a lost name, the name she once held before splitting up with herself millions of years ago: "Primordial Goddess Dryad".
Videns was overwhelmed by the unknown memories flashing up and disappearing and the strange presence, whose energy was so alien yet quite familiar. Without second-guesses, she instinctively reached out her wooden arm touching the cocoon with the tip of her finger. A powerful voice grew in her head, filling out her very essence, trying to subdue her consciousness, but Videns could clearly make out the name of the prisoner: Aetas!  
“Nature itself is screaming up lately.
Beings long forgotten are trying to rise up again, longing to regain what got taken from them.
. . . Heh! . . .
The coming millennium might develop into an interesting one, the balance of power will get challenged once more by new, yet very old, contestants.
I just hope the signs are not a fluke again.“