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"My knowledge about the gods of Etherium is quite limited, but I would go as far as to safely assume them as their own species.
Sure, based on records from 500 years ago, where the last The Ascension Celebration was held, the demigods of the counsel are technical 'just' reincarnated mortals of many species, but their origins don't add up.
We don't know where they came from, what the gods were before they emerged out of the destroyed world 5000 years ago.
Were they really mortals or is there more behind those four gods; Justitia, Terminus, Vigor and Notitia?
Are the demigods just made after their image or is there more behind those mechanical bodies that the unworthy eye is not able to grasp?"

Prof Mauze Tung

Basic Information


Eternal Counsel by Soulwing

The body of an Eternal is their deepest wishes taken form in a graspable (and buildable) frame. Most Eternals were able to be part of the construction of the body hosting their second and immortal life, overseeing the construction, the functions; the oddities. Nobody wants to be a perfect being, they want to retain parts of their mortal life and convey it through construction flaws, special paint jobs, a special weapon or tool they were known for, etc.
The body of the Eternal is the most important part of theirs, the construction has to be one, that the chosen has to love and will love forever. The gods of the Eternal Counsel always tell the demigod in making that they are more than a machine piloted by a soul. The Eternal frame is their true body, one that can and should not be simply shed and made anew. The technology is final and can only be upgraded so much.
"I am now ... demigod for many millennia.
And I ... made a grave mistake, just look at my colossal rusty frame, slowly falling apart.
I desired to be a giant, one that can help society by being able to do stuff normal-sized mortals can't.
But my wish was of foolish nature, the technology of Etherium was at the time of my immortal birth not ready for me.
My mechanics are failing to keep me together, my technology wasn't supposed to support my wish.
The current technology finally is, but my core is not compatible anymore."

The tragegy of Calces the gentle demigod of Industry

Dietary Needs and Habits

"When I am in my Eternal body, I feel neither the need nor desire to sleep, eat or even breath.
In this form I don't require food, my batteries are always full and my urge to respire gets halted by my lack of a mouth and lungs.
As 'changeling' I would be even able to survive in empty space, for as long as I don't use the powers granted to me by E.V.0's astounding craftmanship.
I mean ... even when shapeshifted into my mortal form, my dietary needs are purely artificial.
I enjoy them, but I don't really need them despite having to refill my biomatter tanks necessary for shapeshifting.
And that is Luxus and I am thankful for that.
Other Eternals don't have such options; their former mortal desires will be left unfulfilled for eternity.

Changeling by Soulwing98
Survivors out of the Void Era
Average Height
2 - 9 meters
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities
Related Materials
14 Eternals, 3000 Sudo-Eternals

A mortal soul

Stripped from everything that can rot or degrade, the pure essence of the soul is everything that is necessary for the creation of an Eternal. It is not known how it will get preserved and how it actually is able to steer the mechanical body, but it can somehow. Put into a state of permanent stasis, the Eternal will be able to live for as long as they please until freeing their soul to finally move on.


There are cases of non-divine Eternals roaming the rows of Etherium, but these are exceedingly rare cases. Only the true gods of the Counsel are allowed to grant mortals this divine gift. A so-called Sudo-Eternal is an Eternal on a clock. The construction is missing the piece that makes the science divine limiting the age of any Sudo-Eternal to precisely 1000 years before their acidic soul works itself through their mechanical heart escaping the lent body.
Sudo-Eternals are the most devoted of all, ready to fully embrace serving their god hence all consequences attached to it.
Terminus: Enlightened Watchers have to cut ties to the mortals once and for all to experience the truth of the world in their god's brain-moon.

"Have no fear, my child. I and your fellow Watchers will guide you through your long life in my brain. To be honest, 1000 years of knowledge-thirst might not be enough to experience even a fraction of my truths. But your most crucial thirst will be quenched. Remember only so much: If you attempt to share your knowledge with Prius I will not be able to assure your safety, this knowledge is stored in orbit for reasons I will only be allowed to talk about on Konesans.


True Origins

"Itino - Dross, my dear! I am so happy to see you again so soon.
I see you have returned once more to accompany your mothers in our life in solitude.
Has Terminus granted you access to the cube? What am I saying, of course, he did.
He is a good child after all.
Take a seat, my youngest, and let mother E.V.0 tell you a tale of our origin.
I feel chatty, and my daughters let us alone down here, so who could prevent me now?"

E.V.0 to Itino

E.V.0, the first Eternal. The name of the fifth survivor of the year 0 that got lost in time, E.V.0 is the origin of any Eternal incarnated.
She was the first, who attempted to merge her mortal soul with an immortal body; a technology that was flawed causing her to seek support to assure her surviving the first months of her new life. She eventually met ███████, who helped her to complete the formula granting her true immortality. It was her and her saviours wish for children, that eventually led them to attempt to refine the formula of her creation with his abilities to create the first and only batch of immortal mortals E.V.0 proudly dubbed Eternals. But these immortal offspring had other plans with the world than living in peace amongst the ████.

Every Eternal in existence got created by E.V.0 and ███████, but only a handful can be considered as true children of the First.
Of the 13 Eternals currently roaming Prius, she only sees five as her children, the rest ... she sees as bastards she got forced to create.
And only these 5 received the full blessing of ███████ sealing them to be wanted children of the ████
Eternal Version Zero; E.V.0 by Soulwing

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Dec 13, 2021 18:50

Tricky. We learn a little about who they are or how. But we still don't really know. How much do they influence and control events?

Dec 13, 2021 22:41 by Soulwing

That is actually a good question. The answer is pretty much in the first age up until the collected declaration of independence of the whole world. They retreated then to focus on etherium but all laws and rules made by them still got quickly adopted by the rest of the world.

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Dec 14, 2021 11:23 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

Very interesting that they cannot change their body afterwards (beyond what shapeshifting that body is able to do). Many of them must have some regrets even if their body does not completely fall to pieces!

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Dec 14, 2021 12:45 by Soulwing

I mean they can repair it and even replace parts of it (If the main frame can work with the replacements. Heck Justitia was at one point forced to melt down every metal bit of her golden body to enrich the composition with new Zabrit after getting in contact with the Superbia ore.   Most have regrets, but they had a few thousand years to make peace with it

Creator, artist and writer of the science fantasy world Kingsmaker.