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„I respect their decision, I really do.
But it is just plain stupid to ignore in such times the main thing, that renders us Purists unique in these times; our superior augments, body enhancements, replacements, artificial bones, smart blood; everything.
We can get so close to our gods with this grade of technology.
I don’t understand why the gods would be pleased by someone, who ignores their initial gift to mankind.“
Finnery Borsello
Ultrapurists are a secession of the Purist who took a credo of the gods to the next level:
"A Purist shall not alter their soul, neither through magical nor artifical means. The soul is, what remains of you, so treasure it!
The common interpretation is that a Purist thrives to live a life without ever get tainted by magical means. The soul is their own and magic corrupts the free will of the former purist, rendering them not trustworthy anymore to society. An Ultrapurist, however, doesn't stop there; he will keep not only their Soul pure. No. They will do the same with their body keeping all the gifts and curses creation has provided them with. Their interpretation is, that only those, who can manage to live with what is given to them can be considered truly devoted to the work of the gods.


"Eternals, mechanical gods and Notitia, a goddess, who promotes enhancing one's body wherever she goes;
All signs show that they don't care about what you do to your body, might even dislike your choice to ignore their gifts. And you really think that you will get rewarded for that, for real? Not by these gods, that's for sure Or are you believing in other gods besides those, who walk alongside us? Are you a heretic!?
No, there are no signs for that, you are simply delusional. Let me tell you something, child.
The gods approve everybody, especially you.
But they wont judge you, if you finally do something against that vision disorder of yours."

Technomancer highpriest Moldra Cog
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Beauty Ideals

Trained to perfection, waxed and polished; the body of an Ultrapurist shall be a work of art representing the beauty of the unaltered body.

This continues in age as well.
What nature does to you you wear with proudness. Wrinkles, grey hair, aging skin; everything serves the beauty ideal of the Ultrapurist and only complements their trained bodies.


Handcrafted art is especially popular within the Ultrapurist community.
Paintings, music and especially nature-like statues.
This, in the current time, unusual theme in art got even so popular, that many rich Purists buy regularly art made by Ultrapurists.

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