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Having issues? With literally anything?
Dont worry, Noctec has a solution for all your problems. Our high tech product lineup appeases everybody: State of the art weapons, armours, medication, augmentations, everyday items and so much more got invented by the capable Technomancers over at our facilities.
Why wait?
The future was yesterday!
Visit us!
Noctec™ and all associated companies are property of the Technomancers and further their goddess Notitia.
"The new slogan our marketing department has developed.
All that we still require for broadcasting is your blessing, CEO."


No wonder I pay you for inventing technology and not marketing tactics. Haven't we agreed on outsourcing-wait a hot second...we don't even have a marketing department! Technomancer Lawrice!
I haven't given your department abundances of funds to worry about our profit. This is Venar's and mine thing to worry about! Meeting dismissed..."

Lawrice and Notitia, goddess of Science
  Noctec (formerly Nota Inc.) is considered to be the biggest and most innovative hard- and software developer on the planet. The possibility is high, that you will find their label somewhere in every household in the world, even the most primitive. But Noctec wasn't always the successful company run by non-other than the Technomacers


Nota Inc. got founded with the authoring of the Orders of Thrive in mind. A fresh small company founded by the goddess Notitia with the goal to regain all that got lost in the Void Age. Her vision was to update the primitive, yet modern world of Prius back into the peak high-tech world she vaguely remembered.
Nota Inc.'s humble beginnings were...disappointing.
Everyone Notitia managed to recruit was vastly underprepared, lacked the vision and was in general uneasy working with one of the four gods of the Counsel.
While the remaining world thrived seeking their future in understanding and mastering the Veil, Etherium fell further and further behind trying to focus on technology instead, abandoning the arcane support wheels of their predecessors.
It was not until the Orders of Thrive went viral and the creative madness got planted within Etherium, that Nota Inc. finally found its foundation in 1250 AS. For the following centuries, Etherium remained to be the laughing stock of the world, moreso as the first inventions of the company got public. Inventions that couldn't be riskier; inventions with the trend of exploding in a blazing ball of death.

1990 AS:
The world ignored what happened over at Etherium for far too long. When they finally cared again to take a peek, nobody was prepared for what came next. Notitia, now briefly god-emperor of the counsel wanted to finally demonstrate the superiority, they developed in the past 700 years. With their newly developed aerial superiority, the Behemoth she wanted to prove to the world that Nota inc. is not to be treated lightly. The following war was mostly of cold nature, with Notitia teaching the other countries respect, but it got hot in a few singular cases. Notitia laid down the crown immediately after her 'peaceful intended demonstration turned into a war building up on the horizon, giving the military lead back to her brother Vigor.
The world knew now that Nota Inc. had done it, and after some years have passed, and the world has forgiven the four-armed genius, the first leaders of the world started ordering products of her company or asking for products offering funds to invent new, never before seen trinkets.
4200 AS:
Nota Inc got rebranded to Noctec as the final event of that century science fair. Celebrating 3000 years of existence and surpassing finally the technological level Notitia remembered they had before the great catastrophy. The megacompany Noctec developed Etherium into the Technomancer's dream and fulfilled now assignments for everybody in the world, who have the money.

Noctec is Etherium's primary income and the reason the country of gods still matters greatly and is considered one of the stronger forces on the planet.

The Future was yesterday

Founding Date
1178 AS
Corporation, Research & Development
Alternative Names
Nota Inc.
Parent Organization
Manufactured Items
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Orders of Thrive


Over the course of 3700 years, Noctec developed and refined a large number of company staples:  
  • Airships: All the way from one seaters to Behemoth-grade warships.

  • Weapons: Cryoguns, plasma rifles, laser pistols, etc. Noctec's weapon arsenal is vast and its customizability is well-known.

  • Armor: Exo-suits, protective vests, hazmat suits, shielding, etc. If it protects against what Noctec sold it is in.

  • Anti-Arcane series: Weapons, armor; trinkets: Special Zabrit technology to have a chance against arcanists.

  • Medication: A large department of Noctec is tirelessly working on developing new tonics to make living just a bit easier. Example: Magika, that might allow Purists to live outside of Etherium.

  • Augmentations: The body replacement and enhancing trend was and is still on a rising trend. Purists are hot to enhance every bit of their weak bodies to achieve power and to just get a little bit closer to their robotic leaders.

  • Soul-tec: Continuously evolving A.I. technology based on integrating the souls of the dead into a digital matrix allowing it to get powered by what remained giving the A.I. personality and so much more.

  • Household series: Lower tech, but brings in the money. Noctec reserves in this department to rely on low funds to keep the rivalry between them and the many independent companies alive and the price high being only slightly better than the technological level of their competitors.
    Noctec is considered affordable high-tech.

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