Orders of Thrive

Historical Details


The Orders of Thrive got written in 1200 AS as an attempt of the freshly elevated pantheon, after retreating their influence to the new country of Etherium, to guide their citizens to be as productive and the best they can be; by advancing those, who turned their back from the corruptive influence of the Veil, beyond any other country.
With the concepts of Thrive getting ratified as an official document by the now established theocracy in 2000 AS, Etherium finally opened its borders again to the rest of the world.

Public Reaction

The document had a massive influence on the public order of Etherium.
At the time of its ratification the technological state of Etherium was only slightly above the remaining world's technological state.
The chance to work with their gods' knowledge, however, thrived many inventors to new heights and rendered their experiments way more reckless and risk-taking to appease lady Notitia .
The following centuries Etherium got laughed at having some of the whackiest and unsafe inventions of all time, but this experimental thrive helped the country afterwards, as later inventors took those whacky out-of-the-box experiments turning them into actual working gadgets. Notitia's company Not Inc. elevated Etherium to peak technology state.
Suddenly the whacky county was no more and got replaced by the high-tech country Etherium, whose tech was asked in the entire world.


In 2500 AS the Orders of Thrive got restructured into the holy writings of the Followers of Strife, being from that time on the most-read papers of all time reflecting on the legacy of Etherium.
Text, Religious
Authoring Date
1200 AS
Ratification Date
2000 AS
Signatories (Organizations)

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