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"Prison ore"

"Don't sweat it, boy, these walls are made out of Steel, refined with Zabrid.
You can consider yourself lucky if you are able to stand straight in your cell; even casting one of your, oh so precious, flames will be impossible.
This prison is solely made to contain filthily tainted like you are.
And me?
I have not one µ magic in my body, my soul is considered pure.
That's why the Zabrid has no effect on me."
Zabrit is a special Metal, that is considered very important, nearly divine, by all the Purists of Etherium. Its magic dampening abilities are crucial to keep scamall free from the magical pest rendering every intruder powerless and sick.

It is said, that Justitia's divine golden body consists out of at least 60% Zabrit, which aids her in her conquest against the magical pest.


Material Characteristics

When found as a raw vein in the mines of Prus Zabrit can be identified by its greenish shimmering characteristics and unusual form consisting out of many hexagonal forms intertwining into each other.
Only the colour remains when it got processed into a solid ingot. Being decorative and pretty, it is very asked in any Purist building due to its strange abilities, that got magnified greatly when being refined.

Magical Characteristics

This metal is known and loved/hated for its following ability: It emits an invisible aura influencing every magical source around it. Magical gadgets get depowered, sorcerers feel a certain paralyzing sickness and are temporally losing their abilities and even the arcane flora and fauna seems to wilt away in its presence; it is considered the ultimate weapon against the arcane.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Zabrit is a solid metal, comparable to copper in density and malleability.
The metal can be used to be alloyed with nearly every other metal giving away its abilities to the alloy. It emits a slight cold aura, rendering buildings, enhanced with this prestigious metal, to be always slightly colder than the outside temperature.


Zabrit can be a compound of many other metallic materials. Stable examples are Golbrit, Argebrat and Ferrobrit.
This way it can be integrated into many constructions with only a minimal stability loss.

Geology & Geography

Found usually in the deep depths of 3000 meter below surface the elevation of Scamall brought forth a massive vein supplying Prius market fully. The only problem is, that the abilities of Zabrit hinder the floating city from elevating any further. To mine further, more Graviton, a superheavy metal, is required to balance out the loss in power.
This issue artificially limits its supply since a few centuries, rendering Geologists to dig through the canyon, left behind by Scamall's elevation, for further resources.

History & Usage

Everyday use

This precious material gets used in military and non-military ways.
On the one hand, as a way to empower weapons, vehicles and augments to be more prolific against magic threads.

On the other as a way to secure rooms, enhance prison cells or beautify outfits.
A Purist wears usually a ring consisting out of Golbrit.


Trade & Market

This precious ore is one of the most prominent materials sold by the capital city of Etherius, Scamall. This city is currently holding a monopol on this precious ore.


An average household can buy enough Zabrit to secure one room at most (expensive)
Rare (Prius)
Common (Mines of Scamall)
(Sorcerers, however, are claiming, that it smells like rotten eggs)
(Sorcerers, however, are claiming, that it tastes like shit)
Ivory green
Boiling / Condensation Point
2.200 °C
Melting / Freezing Point
750 °C
Common State
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