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THE Cure?

"Artifical Magic is a new technology, whose history couldn't be more convoluted.
We from Noctec worked closely together with Blackstone Inc's feats to cure the incurable; getting turned into a Taken sorcerer.

A breakthrough from two years ago, which caused catastrophic backlashes for Blackstone costing unnecessary casualties actually benefitted the feats of Noctec to create a way to immunize our people against the arcane: by turning them ourselves into Artificer.
Implanting our version of the Veil, before the Veil's greedy grasp taints our precious souls.

Ladies and gentlemen!
May I introduce you to the Mk1 lineup of Noctec's Magika line!"

Notitia, goddess of Science


5872XA Status report:
Our current probands of test 5872XA undergo unusual behaviours.
After getting injected with the culmination of our recent biological accomplishments, the drug 'ReverseVeil', three of four probands experienced a head trauma claiming the voice has stopped talking.
Could test 5872XA turn out to be a step in the right direction?
Further experiments will be necessary to test out if the disconnection will be permanent.
And if the head trauma will stop.


5872XA Status report #2:
The current test turned out to be a failure.
The probands who claimed to lost connection to the intruder are not alive anymore.
The head trauma got worse and the probands claimed to feel a huge pressure on their skull from the inside.
They further claimed, that they still have access to the mental doors the arcane intruder opened when joining their consciousness.
Not only that, but further doors opened.
A fact that contradicts our theories regarding 'ReverseVeil'.
The drug should only emulate the process of getting taken to force the spirit to leave, but they much rather acted as a second symbiote.
Then their heads much literally cracked open under the pressure and exploded.

Following my theory regarding subject 4: Inmate #548 claimed to have successfully silenced their spirit but was still suffering from the many consequences of getting Taken.
#548 is currently undergoing self-isolation claiming the voices are returning.

5872XA Summary:
The drug 'ReverseVeil' was not successful in our feats to find a decisive cure, but it caused interesting side effects, our colleagues from Noctec are willing to test out. We will send our reserves over to our partners
---File closed---
  When the reserves of the failed breakthrough of the project 'ReverseVeil' arrived in the Noctec headquarters, everybody immediately realized the potential of the drug developed in the Blackstone Asylum.
The formula was so astonishing, that the CEO of Noctec, the goddess Notitia herself, made herself the leader of the inventor team in making.

Upon first experiments, Noctec quickly realized, that the drug aimed to cancel out the effects of the Veil much rather awakened similar mental doors like the doors opened when getting tainted by the influence of the Veil becoming a Sorcerer.
An artificial way to awaken the magical capabilities of the subject without actually creating a sorcerer.
More like a blank template ready to be altered.  
"Through a matter of pure coincidence have our partners at Blackstone Inc. developed a serum that emulates perfectly the state of being Tainted.
Our first experiments on devote volunteers of my cause unveiled to us a true miracle!
Those injected with 'Magika' got actively rejected by the arcane beasts bearing the curse of magic. We even forced a bite and rather than the volunteer getting Taken or Tainted, nothing happened at all.
The bite was just a bite and nothing existence-threatening anymore!

All that is left now is to stabilize the formula and figure out a way to mass-produce it.
I am positive, that we will have in roughly 10 years a working compound to immunize the denizen of Etherium against the curse maiming us for millennia.
On Purists, the compound works already, but it currently has no effect on neither Gifted nor Marked."

Notitia (4997)
Discovered in:
4995 AS
Blackstone Inc.
Artificial virus mimicing the Veil
The final ingredient to bring us, Purists, to perfection.
Immunisation against that, what we fear the most!

A product by Noctec™ and Blackstone Inc™

The birth of Artificial Magic

The creation of 'Magika' opened new ways for the inventors of Etherium to alter one's body even further.
A patient injected with 'Magika' is susceptible to implants wrapped around their nervous system using the altered body as a battery to achieve miraculous feats.
The Mk1 lineup of augmentations making use of that effect allows the wearer to convert their inner energy into bursts of arcane energy supported by the implants' technology.
This new technology is still brand-new and will be expanded in the future, so the efficiency of Mk1 tools is awful, the effects limited to the basic magic types of Fire, Ice, and Electricity.
In fact, there were cases of users burning out more energy than they can handle directly falling unconscious after casting the blast.

With the refinement of 'Magika' and the development of the Mk2 lineup the new scientific area of Artificial Magic is looking into a bright future.


Magika is treated by Noctec as a final curtain for Etherium's issues with living within a hostile world. When Magika will be ready for mass production, the biggest weakness of Etherium will be finally an issue of the past. It will be not necessary anymore for Purists to wear protective gear when exploring non secured areas when they finally will be immune against the 'magic plague'.
"Magika is a wish of my fathers and forefathers finally coming true.
It is possible that my generation will be the first able to enjoy life outside of our bubble without the fear of never returning as the same person.
This will not only be the dawn for Etherium but will enable chances for trade routes, tourism and so much more for the whole world.
And maybe even a bit more peace..."

Sergeant Vaani Mox

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