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Blackstone Asylum

"Deep below the Blackstone prison and the headquarters of the Shadow conglomerate lies a peculiar place with the intention to heal those, who are believed to be incurable.
We gave the sacred staff of the Blackrock Asylum all necessary permissions and funds trying to cure the Taken.
Sure, some would say that the rumours of this place of healing the mad and sick are highly disturbing.
But remember, that we gave only permission to let them test their methods on the crazy murderers created by this magical disease."

CEO of Blackstone Inc.

Somewhere in the catacombs of the Blackstone Prison is located the only entrance to the highest security tract of the complex hollowing out a huge part of the flying reverse mountain Blackstone. It is unclear how enormous the Asylum appears to be, it could be only of the size of a small clinic or even rival the Hall of Wonders in size and room. But as the Asylum lies directly under the guardianship of the demigoddess of life Gratia, they don't see the necessity to play with open cards.  
"The goal of the Asylum is a most sacred duty to aid the whole world.
Sure, I understand your concerns; the rumour might be slightly gruesome, but I stand by my name as a member of the Eternal Counsel when I say that they do divine duty in the name of preserving lives.
Just look at our dearest, who got taken by the malicious beasts of Prius. Forced into symbiotic submission under an arcane spirit, with the goal to get their host mad and uncontrollable of their actions.
A sad display that ends with the spirit fully taking over in mere months turning one of our beloved citizens into a hate-driven killing machine. The Asylum tries to reason with fresh cases running experiments trying to find a cure or at least a way to silence the spirit allowing a return to normality.

We, no the whole world lost so many good people to this gruesome fate, and we, the Counsel, see it as our duty to support those trying to benefit mankind.

Thank you!"

Demigod Gratia
Founding Date
Alternative Names
Parent Location
For a better future!
For a future, where we can enjoy life outside without risking everything and all!
For our children!

Corperation motto


The Asylum got founded by the demigod Gratia as a way to provide the testing grounds for trying to find a cure to revert the state of being Taken.
Being the envoy of life, she saw in that arcane state, whose primary victims were Purists, her very people, a danger she was ready to devote her essence toward ending that threat.
With the aid of her sibling, the demigod of Death Sagus, and their master the goddess of Law and Order Justitia, they built the Asylum as an alternative way to give Taken a chance to devote their last months for the benefit of their country. When rumours arose about the inhuman ways the inmates got treated in the name of the cure, the count of Taken volunteering diminished.

That's when Justitia created with aid of Gratia a law to allow Blackstone Inc. to only send Taken murderers and those, who did not pass a series of tests as test subjects in their tireless search for a cure.


I don't have many memories of what happened in the Asylum, but I remember one single thing. If hell exists, it is definitely located within Scamall. I was the whole time blindfolded as my fate got not yet fully signed and blessed by lady Justitia. I got however held secure in the Asylum to prevent further incidents. So I was able to hear, smell and state the sorrow of the corrupt souls begging for salvation.
But don't see it as an entirely hopeless location, Furor.
Here and there I heard traces of what could be described as a healthy doctor/inmate relationship. My theory is that they try many different ways to split the invasive spirit apart from the victim. Through violence up to trying to empower the host to silence the intruder once more. Not the worst way, as you have seen it in my case, where I am able to maintain control over Sparky as long as I maintain control over my emotions. They feed on weakness empowering themselves through fear and doubt.

You ask if they have made a breakthrough? I can't answer that question but I believe, that if lady Gratia is still funding the Asylum, they at least have made great progress in its 200 years of existence.
I am positive, that If you haven't broken me out with your portal mumbo jumbo, that I could have helped this institution with my experiences finding the correct way to silence those malicious spirits for good.
Would have been at least a decent last service for my country before I succumb to what you caused me to become!


What do you mean, you have made a copy of my files? Let me see!


They would have done what with me!?
Nonono! This must be a fake!
But the signature is genuine.
Additionally signed by General Field Marshal Ingratus Fide . . . what the?
Allowing hard measures despite passing the test? (...)
Furor Opilio questions Micor Havenborn after breaking him out of the Asylum.

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oooh, a dark twist on a healing promt. I Like.

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3 Jul, 2021 13:16

Ouch, Micor finding that revelation in the files... So much for believing in the "healthy doctor/inmate relationship". I have a feeling that I don't want to know what the hard measures would have been.

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Based on the fact that a certain lizard signed the orders overwriting the former measures they would most certainly include torment, torture and an assurance, that Micor won’t leave the Asylum outside a coffin.   Marshal Fide seems to hate Micor, and he has no clue regarding the why.

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