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The magic plague

"We have judged in the last millenia about many, who fell towards the magic plague and it is something we dont wish anybody to experience.
Thats why we have introduced a harsh punishment of those, who fell to this sad fate to guard our denizen.
Those, who fell to the magical plague are dangerous for each and eveybody and I do not tolerate them to ever destabilize Etherium.
This is why from now on those will get banned out of the cities of this country."
  In the lands of Etherius, there is a theory afoot, supported by the gods themselves about the true nature of the arcane surrounding us all. They don't see it as a natural part of the world but a pest made to take over and destroy its citizens.
But to explain the seeming outrageousness of this conspiracy, we have to dive in, into a few facts regarding the magical part of Prius first. You see, magic was and never will be a natural part of the sapient body, we are born pure, devoid of any arcane influence.
And we can only become one if we get infected by one of the many arcane beasts of Prius or happen to go freely into a symbiotic relationship with them. A trade of sapience against the secrets of the other side. Becoming a magician by tainting your very soul with the traces of a different being. Sounds not all that bad, doesn't it? Wrong! It is the worst possible one of us can experience!
May I elaborate my claim with a few examples.

First: Letting a different consciousness into your mind may sound nifty but I can assure you it is not. Being directly linked to your emotional spectrum this menace can cause its host to overstep set boundaries by reinforcing dangerous feelings like envy, greed and wrath to a point, where the host is more or less forced to follow his most secret desires, which can end in harming him or others greatly. The mind gets corrupted to a point, where you cant even theorize without your relationship interpreting it literally. It disallows your free-thinking!

Second: Ever heard of a Taken? I guess you have, so I will keep this short. A Taken is one of us, a Purist, who got obliterated by its spiritual intruder playing from now on only the second fiddle. You essentially get turned into a puppet of a parasite harming you, your surroundings and your very soul to a point of no return. You get literally eaten up from the inside until nothing of you remains. Taken are dangerous criminals with even more dangerous powers and a prime example, why the so praised magic is as harmful as a pest.

And finally: The mortality rate of our citizens. In a country accustomed to the magical influence on one's body, the process of symbiosis is not really a harmful one, more a pleasant one. But if a true Purist happens to get tainted the risk of dying due to a severe issue in the reprogramming process of the soul. The very essence of the body will fight the unnatural intruder with everything it got weakening or killing the host in the process.
And if they survive they are merely a husk of their former self trying to fight the oppressive voice in their head.
Date of First Recording
1200 AD
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"Magic Arcanum"

Short comment from the chief researcher Mauze Tung about this theory.
"This "conspiration theory", if I can call it that way does root on quite a few truths, but the central message, that the arcane flow of this planet is contagious and considerable a plague is only wrong.
Well, if we look out of the Purist's point of view it isn't that wrong at all.
As the state of being devoid of all magical influence and that over many generations is definitely something unnatural.
The Purist is acting like a sore thumb in the net of magic connecting us all and is unable to handle a return to it anymore.
This "plague" is made by the Purists, for the Purists and affects only Purists."
Mauze Tung

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