Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020 Describe a common old wives' tale or consipracy theory from a region of your world. Does it hold any truth? | World Anvil | World Anvil

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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a common old wives' tale or consipracy theory from a region of your world. Does it hold any truth?
A total of 349 entries

Conspiracy of House Sanguis

Wonderer of the Whispering Gultch

Rhonain Conspiracy Theory

Die Legende von der kinderfressenden Hundespinne

A Man Traveling Three Days West With No Sword Shall Die

The Society of the Moon and Stars

The Tragic Tales of Old Man Reek

Myth: Dryads will kidnap naughty children

Teagmháil le Ferres or: The Red-Haired Myth

The Curse of the Lusty Minotaur

The Walls that Never Fall

Conspiracy of Puppet Leaders

Sÿtzen Von Aznabelle está vivo

La légende de l'Eclat Céleste de Jade

The Tragedy of Lancelot and Guinevere

The Story of the Silvarran Numaralumas Tree

The Ascension of The Sisters

The Duvian Soverign Conspiracy

Infant's Swimming and the Spirits

Beware the Spirit of Lake Deepwater.

The Deaths of Queen Taliah and Lord Kithraen

Orie Tales: The Crowning Comet

Die Zerstörung von Murokai

Xanaris, the Bloodsworn Knight

Sirens of the Storm- Shipwreck Saviors

Bod-Ark’s Oven: A child’s parable.

The Duke and the Devils

An Apple a Day Keeps the Healer Away

The Queen, the Knight, a Rainbow and a Bow

The Darkness Behind the World

Whitebowler Agent's Rebellion

The Legend of The Faerie of Islet Bay

Wigra Kesje, Pregnancy Spirits

The God-King devours Souls

Legend of the [The House of the Dawn]

Fermented Goats' Milk a Day for Twins

The Amberhollow Disappearences

The Return of Leweyd the Many-Ones

Whistling into the wind invites sorrow

The Whelklings of Woodwound River

The Effugium (Twikkan Myth)

What to expect when your expecting.... a fairy. [WASC2020]

The Ghost of the South Sea

The Rotted Core of the Golden Cord

The Mysterious Disappearances of Magical Children

Conspiracy theories around the Wildfires of '06

Death’s Endless Passages

Fontenesii: The Spying Flower

Who caused the Black Years?

The Old Witches' Association's Conspiracy Theory No.1

The Bridesmaids of Dowry Marsh

Legend of the Draconic Houses

Voorsteh - Midwife of the Gods

The Ghost-Admiral of the Stagonids

Eemsorngsinei the Giving Spirit

Alien Squids from Outer Space: Are they real?

The Origin of Zook Bafflestone's Ideas

Artistes assassins. Réalité ou fiction?

The Missing Dwarves of the Khaziram Mountians

Gale, a tale of the forest {English}