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The Goblin News Network

Among the Fomorians, there is a theory that involves the goblins. According to some Balorians, goblins are spreading propaganda. According to some, goblins have been taking advantage of the fact that no one pays them any attention to spread disinformation involving their race. These same people claim that the goblins are using brain-numbing drugs to make Balorians susceptible to their Gaslighting. Those who believe this conspiracy theory often will have nothing to do with goblins, especially when dealing with food. Those who abuse goblins over it may find themselves in for a midday visit from The Shadow Brothers.   So, what is this theory, exactly? Well, the theory goes that vindictive and unruly goblins secretly hate the empire, and especially the balorians, whom they blame for their oppression. Goblin alchemists (of which there are many) and blue goblin psions are steadily conditioning the brains of their masters to prepare them for the Goblin Takeover, where goblins use mind control through drugs and psionics to enslave the orcs and oppress them in return. Proof of this theory is given by pointing out the new-found rights awarded goblins by the Empire, in the last little while.


Key concepts of this conspiracy theory are; 1. Goblins are pretty much ignored by orcs. 2. Goblins handle most of the food service for the orcs. 3. The goblins have good reasons to promote disinformation, especially involving goblins. 4. Some goblins read minds and can control thoughts. 5. Goblins are vindictive and vengeful.

Historical Basis

The truth is, there is a lot of truth to the conspiracy theory. Among the Brotherhood of Shadow, there is a sect known as The Shadow Propagandists. These people, no one but the Brotherhood is aware of who they are, spread information, both true and false, that they are instructed to make people believe. They are not doing it with malice or spite, nor are they using drugs, the Propagandists are just good at swinging the pendulum and changing hearts and minds.


The conspiracy theory of The Goblin News Network has spread quite wide in the Empire. Most Fomorians are at least familiar with the theory, and some believe it, no matter how much the goblins deny it, or the evidence points elsewhere.
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